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A UK company seeking a network of agents to promote its business of sport services under a commercial agency agreement

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A UK-based small but growing company, active in the provision of international business services in the area of global major sporting events, seeks to build an international network of partners (sales agents) to launch a revolutionary information transaction portal. This complements the range of other services including a professional membership scheme together with wider business of sports consultancy and market profile activities. The company seeks a commercial agency agreement.



This UK based company is active in the provision of business consulting services such as international market development, hosted overseas meet the buyer events contained within a professional membership scheme. The company area of expertise is the business of sport planning and delivery to commercial suppliers and event organisers operating at the major sporting event level such as the Olympic Games and the Football World Cup.

The company is developing a new portal which aggregates existing information from websites enhanced by new formats which creates global standards. This is a more efficient method to access key information and enhance market profile. No other single source of information for the business of sport is currently available globally which services the needs of event organisers and suppliers in this way. The portal is based on subscription to access information and promotional activities for major sporting events.

The company seeks to fill a gap in its international reach where partners (sales agents) can help accelerate the growth of the business. The partners will, in addition to the new portal, be incentivised to promote the company's core activities (in the area of major sporting events) under a highly incentivised profit share arrangement.

Mentoring and training support will be required and will cover the portal functionality and the following company core services;
- a tiered membership scheme
- annual international summit
- hosted market visits
- company publications.

These are all offered as a single integrated range of solutions to support commercial companies to achieve greater domestic and international market profile, and organisers of major sporting events working more efficiently and at less risk.

Agents will become formal associates and the company headquarters will help identify additional local partners to work with the lead associate. The full range of marketing and customer contact and planning tools will be made available to the associate. This particular commercial agency agreement approach has been proven over the last 10 years of operation of being a flexible and scale-up approach.

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This new portal uses the aggregation of information in standardised formats which enhances market profile and search optimisation. This delivers more effective ways of working for both the supplier and the organisers of major sporting events. The new portal is an innovative extension of the existing business model (the managed interface between major event organisers and suppliers through the delivery of business consultancy and networking opportunities) which apart from being market disruptive (new addition to the market) and a low-risk new business initiative option (for both the company and agents). This has the potential to grow into a significant regional / national business with international reach.

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The company is seeking partners (sales agents), who in their countries, will promote the company's core activities under a highly incentivised profit share arrangement The partners are expected to be commercial agencies / agents in the countries specified. It is expected that agents will become formal associates. The agents will have the advantage of leveraging a well recognised brand and proven business model of consultancy and networking activities (for example meet the buyer events) to major event organisers and commercial companies (suppliers) and to be involved in the earliest stage possible for the launch of the new portal initiative.


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Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, India, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Paraguay, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom, USA