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UK company seeks distribution agreements for artificial grass suppliers / installers / landscapers.

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This UK company is a West Midlands based artificial grass manufacturer that is looking to find distributors in the form of landscapers, sports surface installers and wholesale grass suppliers in Europe with the view to forming distribution service agreements These surfaces are primarily for sports surfaces ensuring that can reduce maintenance costs, increase safety and preserve the aesthetic of the surface no matter the conditions and are looking for partners in various European countries



This UK Company manufactures artificial grass surfaces for sports, leisure and landscaping applications, and has been active in doing so since 1981 and has become one of the largest artificial turf manufacturers in the UK. This company is already selling their products in overseas markets and is looking for new distributors in the EU in various European counries.

This company manufactures different types of turf for different requirements, such as for sports pitches, domestic uses & commercial spaces. At the higher level, their products have the performance qualities necessary for top-level training and competition facilities as these artificial grass surfaces have been approved and certified by international sports governing bodies such as FIFA, World Rugby Reg 22, FIH, ITF, RFL and the GAA.

The new types of artificial turf that this company manufactures are now also 'contact friendly' in that no friction burns occur when a player comes into contact with the surface, and look much more natural than older 'astroturf' pitches, which is a major advancement in the usability of these products.

This company is seeking partners that are likely to have a need and/or want of these products, and is looking for distributors that have established needs for these kinds of products, or ideally, is already installing this type of product.

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- The artificial grass surfaces have been accredited by many major international sports governing bodies such as: FIFA, World Rugby Reg 22, FIH, ITF, RFL and the GAA. - These products work in all weather, for all sports, such as football, cricket, golf, hockey, multi-sport, rugby, padel and Tennis. - The products are also suitable for domestic properties as a landscaping product. - Some products are soft-fall reducing the chances of injuries for activities like school sports, where safety is paramount. - This company provides significant after-sales support, which can extend the life of the synthetic turf. - As the turf is much more durable than a regular turf, it can be used much more frequently, optimising its availability for other revenue-making uses/events, or just simply more playing time available for the existing users.

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Already on the market

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This company is seeking industry-related partners to provide nationwide distribution services for the supply and installation of the companies products in various European nations. The types of companies that this company would be interested in are: Landscapers, Sport Surface Installers, Wholesale Artificial Grass Suppliers & Construction Company Partners, as these are potential partners that would benefit from offering these kinds of products, or already have customers that are looking for this product. Existing experience of installing these products is preferable, but of course not necessary.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,251-500,SME 51-250


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Croatia, Finland, France, Hungary, Romania, Serbia, Switzerland, Ukraine