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UK entertainment company looking for a manufacturer for the production of a sustainable toy line

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The UK company is a global developer, producer and sales agent for animated TV, film and digital content. As such, one project in particular warrants the research, design, manufacture and commercial exploitation of a line of ‘gardening/farming’ toys that are eco-friendly and suitable for pre-school children aged 4-7. For the creation of its toy line, the company, based in London, is looking for a toy manufacturer working with ecologically ethical materials suitable for children's use.



The UK-based company is a co-production company specialising in the development, production, sales and financing of high-quality animated content for international audiences.

Founded in 2013, the company has worked on hundreds of projects from concept through to delivery. With a background in distribution, digital marketing and animation slate management, the company has placed a number of shows with renowned channels.

The company works with international talent and through established global partnerships across a range of formats from pre-school children's series to adult comedy and family features.

The company is currently working on creating a toy line that would be manufactured in ecologically ethical materials. The narrative behind the toy line is explained below:

The evergreen kids is a world where ‘Grandad’, his grandchildren and the kids next door are suddenly left with the responsibility of caring for an ‘eco garden farm’ next door.

This ‘edutainment’ series will be endorsed by some of the greatest names in the environmental NGO space, celebrities and crafted by experienced writers.

Additional research needs to be done around the precise specifications of the toys, however, it needs to be big enough not to be swallowed by a child and small enough to be collectible.

Once this is defined, the toy will be manufactured in thousands of units.

The partnership is envisaged under the framework of a manufacturing agreement.

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The manufacturer would need to be working with specific materials such as those that are renewable and biodegradable. Prices should be based on industry standards and target prices should be researched depending on what the final toy is. Customers will pay more for eco toys but the value of the toy - especially if it is a biodegradable material - will depend on the final material cost and inherent value (ie. is it collectable? can you play with it?).

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The partnership is envisaged under the framework of a manufacturing agreement in which the manufacturer would provide the skills and knowledge to identify which product would be made, how to make it, source and test materials as well as prepare a product that is ready for market testing. The manufacturer would need to have some experience working in the toy and collectibles market. The manufacturer is also expected to have some experience working with biodegradable materials and/or with ethically sourced, fair trade, materials. The manufacturer would also need to be able to judge how to safely manufacture, package, ship, and distribute a children's toy (or recommend preferred packaging, shipping/distribution partners if not done in house).

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SME 11-50,Inventor,SME <10,>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500