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UK global innovation marketplace website provider seeks overseas partners to develop the brand internationally and establish the platform in their country via a commercial agency agreement

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The UK company has developed a global innovation marketplace that gives SMEs / Universities the opportunity to showcase technologies products and solutions. It also gives large corporates opportunities to source technologies. The platform is well established in the UK and the USA with global traffic/customers. The company now wants to find partners to set up the platform in their local country to provide localised versions of the platform for a commercial agency agreement.



Small companies or universities with new services, products or technologies very often have limited marketing and sales resources which limits their reach in terms of getting their product/service/technology in front of potential collaborators or investors. Additionally, larger corporates looking to enhance their product range or offering struggle to find new innovations from the SME sector. This UK company has developed an innovation marketplace website to connect these two together and provide opportunities for collaboration.

The website allows SMEs and universities to create profiles detailing their product/service or technology. They can include images/diagrams as well as links to videos. Their company logo is displayed and, if the company chooses, contact information is provided including their website. Visitors who would like to contact the company have to create an account and login to the website to do this but the website is visible before this stage.
For corporates looking for innovations they can set up innovation communities and publish details about their organisation on the site. If they have specific technologies they are looking for this can be accommodated by inviting SMEs/universities to join the community. Applications can then be vetted by the organisation and, if appropriate they can be published in the community.

The website also produces publications which list the innovation profiles from the website in a pdf format by sector. These offer larger corporates sponsorship opportunities and greater visibility for SMEs and universities. Digital publications can also be created for corporates with communities which can then be used for further publicity.

Users of the website can sign up for an account and receive email notifications of new innovations – based on the sectors the user is interested in.

Users of the website receive monthly reports of activity on their profile.

The company supports the website platform with social media activity to raise the profile further.

The company seeks partners for a commercial agency agreement such as innovation consultancies who are looking to build a profitable business using this global innovation platform as a base. The company seeks partners who would benefit by using the platform for their local market.

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The platform offers innovative SMEs and Universities a low cost method of raising the visibility of their new product/service/technology and establishes connections with larger corporates. The platform offers larger corporates and investors and easier way to find potential innovations from SMEs that are of interest to them. Innovation publications from over 30 market sectors and search facilities on the site offer an easy way for organisations to find potential innovations. The website receives over 100,000 profile views per month with an average click through rate to their websites of 40% The website has traffic from over 100 countries.

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Already on the market

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The company seeks innovation consultancies or similar who are connected to the innovation environment in their country and are looking for a platform to help make connections easier. The company is looking for partners that can provide local language support and support the creation of content in their local language. The company will need to have marketing and sales skills to develop their client base locally. The company seeks commercial agency agreements.

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SME 11-50,Inventor,SME <10,>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500


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