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UK laser optics manufacturer seeks agents and distributors

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A UK group of companies established over 30 years ago, with extensive experience in the design and manufacture of InfraRed and CO2 laser optics, as well as related support services is seeking traders and integrators in the lasers sector for agency and distribution agreements.



A UK group of companies established over 30 years with extensive experience in the design and manufacture of InfraRed and CO2 laser optics is seeking further agents, distributors or integrators. Already trading internationally, the company produces a comprehensive range of laser components as well as providing custom design and manufactured product in a variety of materials for OEM customers.
The products that they manufacture are highly reflective, metal optics and components with an extreme level of flatness, using a range of metals and alloys, with a choice of specialist optical coatings. They can also offer polishing of optics and metal components for extreme flatness. Their mirrors are used in industrial lasers for cutting, welding and marking, but also can be used in many other infrared applications including scientific instruments, defence, R&D, gas sensing, environmental monitoring and medical and dental lasers.
The group has also acquired a specialist diamond machining facility a year ago, so can now offer optical and high precision mechanical component machining including technically very difficult shapes such as toroids, ellipsoids, off-axis parabolics, polygons, infrared domes and lenses, aspherics, axicons and cones.
The partners sought are likely to be distributors or commercial agents with experience of laser systems able to offer pre-sales and after sales support. Distributors and commercial agents may already be engaged in related sectors such as optical instruments who are keen to expand their operations.

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* The UK partner is widely experienced and established with the back-up of their own R&D facilities. * An exclusive partnership may be possible for specific countries/territories. * The UK partner will provide on-going support and new developments. * Marketing support, including the development of a marketing plan, design and provision of marketing materials (for printing locally by partner).

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Established distributor of electro-optic components and devices. The partner company will need to have relevant sector experience, hold relevant operational licences and want to operate to the highest professional standards.

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Already on the market

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Type of partner sought: Industry Specific area of partner sought: trading and services to the lasers sector Role of partner sought: to become agents or distributors to the UK group under respective agreements.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,251-500,SME 51-250