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UK manufacturer of non-toxic, non-harmful cleaning products offers new oven cleaner product on a ‘white-label’ basis within a single, exclusive manufacturing agreement

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This UK chemical blending specialist has developed an environmentally sustainable, cleaning and maintenance product. It seeks a single company interested in taking a white-label non-toxic, non-hazardous oven cleaning product and marketing it under their own branding, within a manufacturing agreement.



Conventional oven cleaners contain strongly alkaline materials to saponify fats and create a soapy substance that can be wiped off the surface. The risk of serious chemical burns to users is extremely high and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is required. During use, the fumes emitted can choke and cause major health issues to operators and users. The removal of the saponified fats is very messy and the materials used to do so then have to be disposed of carefully.

However, the company’s product can even be applied before cooking and cleaned afterwards with just a microfibre cloth and water. The cloth itself can be simply rinsed and reused up to 200 times. No protective clothing or equipment is required and there is no risk to health.

The company is a UK-based chemical manufacturer and is expert in creating non-hazardous, environmentally ethical cleaning, coating and protective products for the home, automotive, aerospace, locomotive, industrial and oceanic industries using secret know-how to develop specialist chemical blends for specific applications.

The company is a well-established manufacturer of a wide range of chemical products including dry-wash, engine treatments, fabric protectors, glass protectors, leather protectors, household cleaning products, surface protectors and wash & wax products. They have significant contracts in place with industry leaders worldwide and often offer advice and expertise to new potential partners to help develop products to meet their specific industry needs.

The company is a socially responsible employer and strives to create sustainability through the development of ecologically considerate products and packaging, providing opportunities for disadvantaged people within local communities where possible. The company would prefer to continue to manufacture the products in the UK initially, alternative locations would be considered where significantly large contracts (more than 30,000 units per day) are requested.

The oven cleaning product developed by the company has undergone rigorous industry testing and due to its non-harmful, non-hazardous properties, it is approved for shipping to any geographic region.

The company seeks a long-term partnership with a company that is looking to add new cleaning products to its own branded portfolio under a manufacturing agreement, to include exclusive world-wide distribution. The partner chosen must align with the company’s ethics in terms of environmental impact, supply chain standards and social benefit.

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This is a unique piece of chemistry using food safe ingredients. The product is environmentally friendly, solvent free and harsh chemical free for easy safe application. Dirt & grease are easily removed and it leaves a polished finish. The company is a highly credible supplier, as it already has: •Significant multinational contracts in aviation, automotive and marine industries •An ethos of sustainability through innovation – saving natural resources through environmentally considerate products and manufacturing practices •Extensive product range available – ‘product after next’ development process •Willingness and proven track-record in customizing its products to meet specific industry needs or customer requirements

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The ideal partner will be a company specialising in environmentally sustainable products, cleaning products or other household/commercial cleaners. The potential partner would need to be well established with comprehensive understanding of this market, be able to develop its own sales opportunities and apply its own branding to the product within an exclusive manufacturing agreement. The company is able to provide ready-made products for shipping or instead provide the special ingredients ready for blending by the potential partner where required. The company would prefer to enter into an agreement with one exclusive, expert partner who can adopt the oven-cleaner into their product range and offer it as part of their own product portfolio.

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