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A UK manufacturer of a patented back sleeping system is seeking a commercial agent to promote and sell their product.

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A UK manufacturer of a patented back sleeping system is looking for a commercial agent in the following sectors beauty, med-tech, and the seniors market. The UK company are looking for partners based on a commercial agency agreement, the agent will be appointed to sell the products into international markets.



The UK parent company was established in 1953 and traded successfully in the jewellery trade internationally. The present director, daughter of the founders has for the last four years invested the profits into their own patented product - a back sleeping system. The company is seeking a commercial agent to represent the company with the aim of expanding into international markets.
The innovative beauty sleep system helps people to sleep on their backs comfortably. It is made from natural materials that are UK sourced and is manufactured by a small long-established 60 years + family firm. There are patents, and registered designs in the UK, USA, China, Japan, and Europe. The UK Company is seeking a commercial agent to represent their products and to provide training assets to the beauty, health, senior, and medical market through its own network and direct marketing. Payment to the commercial agent will be based on the sales which they generate through licensing agreements secured.
The beauty sleep system is a world-first which helps prevent the formation of sleep wrinkles, which has been recognised by dermatologists as being reduced if back sleeping is undertaken. The sleeping system also aids recovery from relevant medical and aesthetic procedures such as ostomy and mastectomy procedures.

In the beauty market, it is widely acknowledged that sleep wrinkles can be imprinted on the face from side sleeping but that the supine position (back-sleeping) is difficult to achieve, this product makes sleeping on the back easier.
The back sleeping position is recommended by world-famous beauty experts to avoid facial distortion and support their aesthetic procedures. After procedures such as cheek fillers, post-procedure, back sleeping can be advised to preserve the filler.

The product can bring benefits to anyone who is experiencing discomfort whilst sleeping, they will appreciate the adaptability of the system and the possibility of day and night use due to its natural heat dispersing wool content.
The medical market covers medical aesthetics and post-operative requirements. Surgeons performing hip operations have traditionally advised that post-operative patients should adopt the supine position. This has led to complaints of sleeplessness due to its difficulty. Medical aesthetics marketing can cover aesthetic practitioners whose patients could benefit from this sleeping system.

Even though the product is not on the market yet, extensive market research through a panel of 1000 potential product users has provided actionable commercial insights with favorable results.

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The sleeping system is an innovative solution that solves a variety of issues within the beauty and medical sectors. This product is unique and is produced to a high standard, with the patents to evidence its innovative qualities. The use of the sleeping system reduces puffy eyes, pressure lines, cheek indents, chest wrinkles, and forehead lines.

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The UK company is seeking a commercial agent who has contacts within the beauty and the medical sector, with the aim of them representing the sleeping system to potential partners with the aim of securing licensing agreements whilst expanding into international markets.


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