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UK manufacturer producing a portable detector for airborne asbestos fibres is seeking distribution agreements

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A UK manufacturing company has produced a portable detection product, the first of its kind that is able to recognise deadly asbestos fibres when disturbed and released into the air. The company is looking for distributors.



A UK manufacturing company established in 2017; following a decade of academic and commercial development between the company and a UK University, the product is now available on the open market. The company has considerable commercial experience of supplying the construction sector and have created a fully portable and immediately readable device. This product won the company a UK industry Award in 2019.

This patented device contains laser light scattering technology in a compact tamper-proof Peli case, easily transported by a single individual which enables contractors in the construction and related industries to reduce considerable delays in the removal of asbestos or in the remediation of asbestos where it is found. The device employs complex algorithms that recognise asbestos fibres from the way they respond when exposed to a magnetic field. It captures data at around 600 particles per second and is the only device capable of distinguishing asbestos from other fibres in the air. The operator carrying the 5kg, 33cm device can receive a result in a matter of minutes with as few as 10 to 30 fibres detected.

When alerted, key decision makers on site are able to implement the appropriate corrective safety actions without delay. Most suitable for use in ambient indoor environments where the fabric of a structure is to be disturbed through maintenance, construction, restoration, improvements and demolition.

The product is designed, manufactured and assembled in the UK to a robust standard.

The UK company is seeking new distributors to increase its existing network overseas.

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- The device uses patented light scattering technology, the paramagnetic properties of asbestos fibres and a complex algorithmic statistical analysis that works to a 99.98% confidence level. - It is suitable for over thirty industry sectors worldwide. - There are user configurable alarm modes, visual and audible alarms, the device has an eight hour rechargeable battery with downloadable and date stamped reports generated by the local end user software. In summary: - Laser beam technology providing immediate results with downloadable data - Real-time alarm - Draws air through the system in a controllable manner assessing airborne fibres of all manners - Works on all asbestos types - No special training needed - Reduces cross contamination opportunities - Faster removal of asbestos as there is no waiting time needed for laboratory tests - On site safety is increased with shorter time frames and public safety is enhanced.

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The company is seeking new distributors to increase its existing network overseas. The firm already has a number of distributors covering the UK, France, the Netherlands (Benelux), Sweden and Japan, with Australia a target too. More partnerships are sought with distributors from the environmental assessment and scientific instrumentation sector also welcomed. Potential distributors will have experience in the construction sector including, maintenance, construction, restoration, improvements and demolition. The device also represents an extra value-added service for environmental consulting and monitoring firms to offer to their clients. Partners will be expected to promote and market the product actively within an agreed territory and provide professional, high quality customer support, with the future opportunity to provide annual maintenance and servicing support.