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A UK performance and recovery enhancing sportswear brand is looking for distributors

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This UK company is a producer of infrared performance and recovery clothing. The products use infrared technology to create a variety of enhancements to athletic performance and recovery allowing an athlete go further and recover quicker from injury or fatigue. The company is looking to work alongside distributors and retailers in Europe and the rest of the World under distribution agreement.



This UK company, established in 2013, has developed and manufactured a line of sports clothes that harness the energy wasted by the human body, estimated at over 60% of the energy consumed.
Their clothes are made using patented technology which contains 13 thermo-reactive minerals embedded within the fibres and woven into a blended fabric. This means that heat and infrared radiation emitted by the human body can be captured and re-emitted back in the form of far infrared radiation.
The technology allows the minerals to act as lenses capturing environmental heat and light radiation which is then re-emitted as infrared radiation onto the wearer. This makes the clothes quick drying and thermo-regulatory, keeping the athletes at optimal temperature.
Since the minerals have been embedded into the textiles they will never wash out and will always perform 100%.
Collection range includes: gym wear, base layers, socks, compression layers and out wear clothing.
The company is currently selling thought their online store, other online outlets and retailers, the company is now looking to expand its representation in Europe and other international markets. Therefore, they are looking for partners in Europe such as: retailers and distributors (department stores etc), online shops, independent sports stores, physiotherapists. They would also like to work with a diverse levels of sports teams and clubs globally under distribution service agreement.

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The benefits of the technology include: - increased circulation; - increased tissue oxygen levels by up to 20% - improving power, endurance and rates of recovery in both elite as well as hobby athletes; - increased cellular metabolism and energy production; - pain relief. The company combines the advantages of their fabrics with compression technology and designs to further improve the performance enhancing effects. Research into compression clothing has provided evidence that it can increase venous return of blood to the heart, which results in an increase in cardiac output and stroke volume. The increased venous return will also remove lactic acid from muscles quicker and promote post-exercise muscle recovery to further the beneficial effects of the infrared exposure.

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The company want to partner directly with retailers/ stockists of specialist sport apparel as well as distributors/wholesalers interested in extending their offer. It is important that potential partner will have good knowledge and extended network of contacts within the sport industry and technical apparel. They would also like to work with a diverse levels of sports teams (e.g. university clubs, local or national representation teams) and clubs globally. Distribution service agreement is offered.