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UK precision engineering SME seeks distribution partners for their advanced composite plate saw solutions

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A UK precision engineering SME has designed and produced a range of intuitive cutting solutions designed to cleanly, efficiently and accurately cut and machine composite panels into test specimens and intricate production components. This composite saw fills a gap in a relatively immature market presenting opportunities in a variety of sectors that are increasingly using advanced composites in critical load bearing engineering solutions. The UK company is looking for distributors.



The UK company was founded in 2003 as a precision engineering company providing mechanical, electronic, and software engineering solutions. With a team of highly skilled, imaginative engineers, they offer a unique in-house capability, creating solutions from initial concept through design to product manufacture.

With an aim to provide an innovative solution to address the composite cutting challenge, this UK company has designed, developed and manufactured a comprehensive range of advanced composite saws - all built in-house in the UK and are now being sold worldwide.

Their range of advanced composite plate saws have been specifically designed to cut composite plate quickly, easily, consistently and safely into test specimens or production components. This means that test labs don't have to polish or deburr any of their samples, and can test straight from the machine, saving them valuable time, effort and money.

Offering a range of intuitive cutting solutions, these fully enclosed CNC machines are designed to efficiently and accurately machine composite panels into test specimens and production components.

The cutting solutions developed by this company is one of the four sub brands - the others included marine technologies, solar technologies and engineering solutions division.

The UK company is looking for distributors to place their products in these sectors and new markets.

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Advanced composites are strong, light and flexible. As they become more cost-effective they are swiftly replacing metal in many applications. They are being widely adopted by an increasing number of sectors including ● Aerospace (Aviation, defence, space) ● Automotive (Motorsport/F1, O.E.M & supply chain) ● Energy (Wind power) ● Construction ● Materials test labs ● Material manufacturers ● Sports / leisure In many of these scenarios the composites are critical to safety and as such each batch has to be extensively stress tested. The production of accurately machined samples is an important factor in this process. These machines offer all of the following benefits: 1) Better results, less scrap ● Improve the consistency of cutting while ensuring mistakes are irradiated. ● The product's easy to use automated process simplifies specimen production. 2) Fast and precise ● Produce a specimen ready to test every 47 seconds. ● Automatic positioning of the material allows multiple specimen cuts without user intervention. ● The innovative clamping system means no tooling is required. 3) Accurate and repeatable: ● Specimens can be tested straight from the machine with a high quality surface finish. ● Cut to size first time with excellent perpendicularity and parallelism - no post preparation or polishing is required. 4) Powerful capability ● Rugged and stable, the machines are able to easily cut a wide array of materials to the exact size and specification required. 5) Safe and simple ● The fully enclosed work area protects from dust and spray and keep the operator safe. ● Dry cutting with extraction and wet cutting with recirculating coolant allows versatility to cut almost any composite material. 6) Automated control ● The integrated computer control system and part programme compatibility simplifies the compatibility simplifies the operator process making it easy for users to understand and learn, thus reducing user error.

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Distribution partners will be individuals or companies who have access to the appropriate contacts, skills and resources to introduce a growing product range to target customers successfully, while also offering the required level of service and support . This would be an ideal opportunity for a business who is already supplying services, equipment or consumables to the composites sector to develop both their portfolio and their engineering capability within the field. They will have a strong countrywide sales network with engineers having experience of providing on-site electrical support. This could include: a) mechanical test machines re-sellers b) Metallography prep equipment suppliers (maybe - with experience in the composites market) c) Sawing equipment suppliers with experience in machine tools in composites d) Generic machine tool suppliers - working in the composite industry (covering milling, CNC machining centres). This is a consultative sale rather than a commodity sale and hence it is not driven by ticket price, but by solution value. This creates an opportunity for strong margins for all parties concerned on initial sale, and for the Distributor this will be supplemented with recurring revenue streams. Full training will be available for both sales and technical processes. A sales toolkit will also be provided to facilitate illustrations.

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SME 11-50,SME <10