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A UK (Scotland) cleantech energy company with industrial solution for recovering energy from steam seeks distributors/commercial agents for foreign markets

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Solar/Thermal energy
Combined heat and power (co-generation)
District heating
Biomass and Biofuels
Distributed power and grid connection
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A UK (Scotland) company produces energy recovery equipment that harnesses steam and generates power for industrial, waste and biomass processing organisations. The patented Twin-Screw Steam Expander technology drives a generator to produce low cost, otherwise untapped, electricity from wet steam. The firm is seeking foreign trade intermediaries, distributors and agents, to distribute its products on external markets under commercial agency agreement or distribution services agreement.



This UK (Scotland) based company has cleantech energy equipment, backed by a continuous commitment to service, maintenance and support. The equipment helps organisations to address the challenge of generating more power with less carbon and enables customers to:
- reduce costs, increase revenue and grow income streams, contributing to business efficiency and top-line growth
- create (and demonstrate) a more environmentally sustainable business and meet current and future environmental compliance and regulations.
- deliver to current and future major projects with a more complete, relevant proposition, makes it easier to secure planning for sites, develop new future proof business, revenue, energy and wider models.

This is all possible thanks to the company's own patented Twin-Screw Steam Expander technology to drive a generator and produce low cost, otherwise untapped, electricity from wet steam.

This company is willing to initiate cooperation in the framework of commercial agency agreement and distribution services agreement to increase its distribution network and increase sales.

Advantages & innovations

Cooperation plus value: 
The company's technology gives customers a unique technology - and technological advantage – that cannot be achieved by other products: • Unique capability to use wet/saturated steam without modification, extra components or damage to produce electricity • No need to interrupt core factory operations for installation or maintenance • The only solution that can deliver consistent power generation efficiency at variable steam flow rates The technology is much simpler and easier, giving unique operational flexibility and deployment advantage that cannot be realised by other products: •Is a highly standardized, low complexity packaged and modular product makes easy to deploy and install. In around 6 - 8 months customers can start up their unit and start recovering their investment. •Has a small footprint and can easily fit into existing spaces without adaptation ideal to incorporate in existing installation. The technology delivers rapid and robust return on investment, and provides cost savings and revenue opportunities that cannot be delivered by any other product •Relatively low CAPEX reduces exposure and risk, and makes investment easier to procure •Delivers a highly competitive cost per kW recovered •Delivers revenue and payback that cannot be delivered by any other product. The company has delivered over 60 units, more than 30 across continental Europe, and recently delivered 3 units to Eastern Africa and one to South East Asia.

Partner sought

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The manufacturer is looking for partners to identify sales channels for the product. Distributors or commercial agents who are sector specialists with experience of energy and energy recovery solutions are of specific interest.

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SME 11-50,SME <10


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Argentina, Austria, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, Denmark, Germany, Hungary, Japan, Mexico, Norway, Peru, Russia, Switzerland, Ukraine, USA, Vietnam