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UK SME looking to develop own brand of smart / internet connected dosing system for microbiological product into animal housing / dairy application through a combined technical cooperation / manufacturing / service agreement

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This UK agricultural treatment systems supplier seeks a developer and manufacturer of a bespoke dosing system which will store, mix, incubate and dose a substrate into an effluent treatment system. The required dosing system needs to be internet connected (IOT) in order to be configured remotely and securely. The system may be connected to external chemical sensors to provide feedback to the dosing system. Seeking technical cooperation, manufacturing and/or service agreement.



For microbiological treatment systems to function optimally, correct dosing is required and for user peace of mind, a reliable and flexible dosing regime needs to be provided. The company provides a specialised microbiological formula that conditions dairy herd effluent / slurry from permanently/ seasonally housed animal systems. The conditioning has a number of positive effects at physical, chemical and microbiological levels that ultimately have positive impacts on the environment (soil condition/ecology and atmospheric emissions), plant growth and through this closed-loop nutrient recycling impacting positively on animal health and productivity.

Variables such as herd size, conveyance systems, bedding types, feedstock, temperature and water content all influence the dosing requirement for optimal performance and substrate consumption. The company ethos has been focussed on the farming community's primary requirement of animal husbandry and environmental protection while providing optimal and sustainable profitability. The company wants to link the performance of their product with the accurate, reliable and variable dosing (and therefore optimal consumption) of their product such that no substitute products can be deployed through this proposed "own brand" dosing apparatus.

The ultimate aim is to find a partner who will provide technical cooperation and can develop the software and hardware, comms and functional instructions to provide a secure, IOT, automatic and responsive dosing solution that allows the remote control of the dosing regime (including mixing of a combination of 2 dry powder substrates with warm water just prior to dosing). Access to this control and performance data will facilitate asset condition monitoring (Battery/mains power/ product reservoir, blockages etc) and interaction with a re-ordering functionality. The dosing should be adjusted remotely to address known changes or maintain a particular status and the system itself can call for a maintenance visit if required.

The company, therefore, also seeks a nationwide (UK) services agreement alongside the technology and manufacturing development to ensure continuous application of its product in situ.

The potential to link the dosing system to external chemical sensors may be included as part of a system to calibrate and control and hence verify the effectiveness of the dosing of the substrate.

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The partner must have technical experience and manufacturing capability in automatic smart / IOT connected dosing systems. They must have the ability to provide the smart technology element together with the hardware solutions with similar proven technical applications. They must understand the nature of the deployment environment (dairy / animal housing). The provider must understand the need for low cost yet robust construction, reliability and consideration to environmental resources as far as practically possible in the material provision and energy/water consumption. The solution must have considered the ease and cost effectiveness of repair in its component parts and consider circular economy principles in its sourcing, installation, operations, repair, re-use, redeployment, re-manufacturing and end of life re-appropriation. Ideally, the dosing system should incorporate an exchangeable cartridge system so that the supply and replacement of the product can be controlled and assured by the supplier, reducing user error and increasing reliability and performance. The cartridge system will be part of an exchange and refill process.

Partner sought

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The UK based SME seeks - a technical developer, - a manufacturer of dosing systems and - a contract service to maintain the systems. The contract partner will restrict the proposed system as configured for the UK based SME for the use of that company alone in conjunction with its specific products. The partner will have both hardware and software capabilities to develop the control systems and remote monitoring capability.