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UK SME offering end to end bespoke software development solutions seeks service agreements

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A UK software development company specialising in the "end-to-end" bespoke creation of software is seeking service agreements with partners who have a requirement to streamline their internal processes and/or upgrade their systems.



This software development house has been trading since the year 2000 and is seeking partners for service agreements. Historically, this SME has worked mainly in the manufacturing and engineering sectors but is now looking to provide software solutions in other sectors such as healthcare, leisure and hospitality. The company builds bespoke software systems and specialises in developing the ability for them to be integrated with each other. This end-to-end process is delivered by a team of developers and support personnel, located in the UK.

The business is able to integrate multiple systems to allow for secure data transfer and a reduction/omission of manual tasks. Material Requirement Planning (MRP) / Enterprise Planning Systems (EPS) can be linked to accounts packages; their bespoke system can automate the customer journey for e-commerce websites alongside bespoke software programmes.

The UK team of developers are highly qualified having worked with the company since achieving their university degrees. They look after approximately 80 clients and consult regularly with these businesses to ensure any issues are supported and quickly resolved.

This strong customer service ethos has resulted in these organisations working with systems that has either enabled significant growth as a result of the deployment, and/ or has been able to help the business to automate its procedures to increase company efficiency.

Case studies:

1)Supporting a global manufacturer of moisture, gas and oxygen analysers used around the world to develop an online price portal. The original manufacturing and customer management system data was being used to populate a Product Catalogue written in Excel. These documents were distributed to their clients each time any updates were made. This was a manual and time consuming process.

Already familiar with the systems the software company developed an integrated online product portal. Their customers were able to access information and resources relevant to their needs including customer specific discounts - all in one place. The manufacturer was able to provide targeted information to their customers through this portal in addition to running website/marketing reports to support management information decisions.

2) A trade-only computer distributor, servicing a nationwide network of independent computer resellers required a bespoke returns system. The relationship with this business was well established having worked with them for over 10 years. Their existing system was slow and the company had also outgrown the system due to their own levels of growth.

This resulted in an integrated system being developed with the accounts package and website, enabling returns and customer activity to be monitored.

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The bespoke software developed can be integrated with other systems. The company promotes "there is always a solution and we will provide it" approach, to all enquiries. Working with a dedicated team of developers who are able to provide a comprehensive support plan means the software is tailored specifically to business requirements. This also allows for seamless upgrades and "bolt on's" if the system requires new functionality as the development and support teams will be familiar with the partners' requirements. Therefore enabling effective automation of current manual processes and the safe, secure transfer of internal data.

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This SME is looking to develop and implement software into companies that are looking to automate one of more of their current business processes via a services agreement. The specific industry is not important, although the business has worked mainly in the manufacturing and engineering sectors, so has most experience here. The partner would be keen to improve their current systems and processes and understand both the cost of a new project but more importantly the return on investments that implementing new software will realise. Partners sought are businesses that are dynamic and forward thinking and recognise the positive impact such technology will have on their business. The right partner is likely to be considering solutions that will improve the day to day running of their business, offer a potential new way of working and save both time and money after its implementation. The company has worked with partners in the UK, USA, Northern Ireland and India. These businesses all vary in size and as an organisation are well equipped to provide an excellent level of service from SMEs to large corporations around the globe.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,251-500,SME 51-250,>500


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Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, USA