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UK SME providing a security related device is looking for distributors

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The UK based company have devised a simple but effective wall mount security device and are currently looking for distribution channels for this particular item on the basis of a distribution services agreement. The purpose of this product is to limit opportunist thefts of consumables contained within any outbuildings such as bicycles, petrol lawnmowers, strimmers, chainsaws, or commercial / household high value electrical items such as laptops.



The UK business has now concluded and completed all of its current product development work.

The security wall mounted device is very simplistic within its design and also in its overall external appearance. However internally and beneath that surface lies both strength and technical performance.

The device can be securely fastened to a wall using four internally positioned multi-fit wall anchor points in order to aid and help provide a good level of resistance to any attempt of external force being applied.

This security related product has been designed to be affordable and simple in use. It will offer the end user a range of simple and practical solutions to some every day problems regarding opportunist theft.

The UK company is currently looking for distribution channels for this particular item on the basis of a distribution services agreement.

Advantages & innovations

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This product is unique in the market giving a low cost high performance deterrent to the user. The product in principle is a patentable item (though currently no patent is in place). Advantages - A very basic, low cost, simple solution which provides a very high degree of theft prevention for a wide range of high value items. The device / product can be used in conjunction and complimented with a full range of already well established and supported aftermarket security related products such as "D" locks, cable locks and security chains etc. Installation is straight forward, very fast and simple. After fixing, the product is capped with a 'pop-on clamshell' , hiding the internal fixings and providing a pleasing aesthetic look. Internal components and interacting parts help to also provide some additional security features. From initial pricing quotations the product represents significant margins and an easily afforded purchase price for the user.

Stage of development

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Prototype available for demonstration

Partner sought

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Type of Partner - needs existing routes to market to support distribution. Order fulfilment capability is also required. Ideally experience within consumer markets such as: gardening equipment e.g. petrol lawnmowers. chainsaws and strimmers; in addition to laptops, tablets and similar gadgets for the home.

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SME 51-250


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Bulgaria, Croatia, Czechia, Estonia, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, United Kingdom