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UK SME supplying construction and temporary works equipment seeks a service or supplier agreement with partners who have small batch injection moulding capabilities and can offer basic assembly services.

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Construction maintenance and monitoring methods & equipment
Distribution of building products and systems


This UK SME supplies end-to-end solutions to the construction and temporary works sectors through a cloud-based service that enables users to have full control over the management of temporary works. They seek a service or supplier agreement with partners who have injection moulding capabilities and can offer basic assembly services. The client is scaling production of one product line and launching a second and is looking for a cost competitive supplier for their tag system.



The offering company, located in South Wales is a specialist temporary works organisation that supports clients to develop robust processes that ensure compliance with BS5975 (code of practice for temporary works procedures). The company was established in 2018 with the core objective of bringing temporary works management into the 21st century by providing modern end-to-end management solutions.

It operates through four business units associated with project management & consultancy, manpower and recruitment, engineered services and software solutions. The leadership team has a combined 49 years of construction experience and a proven track record of implementing robust management solutions for major UK construction programmes and global construction organisations.

The partnering opportunity arises from the need to establish a manufacturing and assembly supply chain for its Near Field Communication (NFC) enabled tag-based products. The company requests partnerships to support the production of two product lines associated with its cloud based temporary works equipment tagging system:

1. The first product line (already on the market) requires basic injection moulding capability and basic assembly.
2. The second product line is currently being field tested and will require more advanced testing, assembly, and packaging capabilities.

The offering company aims to partner with companies from all geographies that have the required capabilities in injection moulding and assembly. The company will consider supplier agreements (for the provision of injection moulded products) and/or service agreements (for the provision of associated assembly, testing and packaging services).

The ideal partner will be able to satisfy the full technical brief, but the offering company can facilitate in-house assembly if necessary.

The client’s internationalisation aim is to grow its network of high quality, service, and supplier partners to build an international supply chain for its tag-based product lines.

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The international partner must have the following technical capabilities: For the first product line which is already on the market: • Injection moulding of ABS plastics • Injection moulding of small products with finished size of no more than 300mm x 300mm • Integration of sub-components including Near Field Communication (NFC) tags • Printing of logo and warnings • Able to produce in small batches of circa 2000 units scaling to larger batches of over 10,000 units For product line currently under development, all of the above and: • Ability to manufacture to ATEX standards • PCB assembly • Application of PCB Tri-proof nano paint • Functional testing of product • Ultrasonic Seal Welding • Boxing and packing

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Already on the market

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The offering company aims to partner with international SMEs who are able to supply injection moulded components (according to supplied specifications) and basic assembly and packaging services through either a supplier agreement or service agreement. The partner does not need to have worked internationally before but should be able to provide a cost competitive but highly reliable service. The partner will need to provide basic injection moulding services in both small and large batch sizes and provide basic assembly services to incorporate sub-components. For a second product line that is being developed by the offering company, the ability to manufacture to ATEX standards is important and more complex assembly, functional testing, and packaging may be needed.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,251-500,SME 51-250