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Ukraine research institute is offering technology of the equipment for the production of activated carbon of high quality.

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Ukrainian institute is looking for businesses which interested in buying technology of the equipment for the production of activated carbon of high quality. The equipment is used for the production of activated charcoal with a high index of a specific surface of the pore. Produced charcoal can be used as a sorbent, for the production of lithium-ion batteries, in metallurgy, engineering, etc. The lab seeks industrial partners in pharmaceutical or chemical sector under licence agreement.



Research institute is one of the Ukrainian leading centers of advanced scientific and engineering services. During its almost 60-year history, the Institute carried out significant researches and developments that were implemented in various industries.

At present time the main fields of Institute researches are: basic fundamentals development for increasing of natural gas and alternative heat carriers effectiveness use as basis for new energy- and resource saving technologies creation; research in applied combustion theory, thermodynamic, interface heat- and mass exchange and new heat- and technological processes and equipment development on this basis; research in environment protection for science- and technology fundamentals creation of atmosphere air protection from pollution, thermal neutralization of solid domestic waste and specially dangerous materials and wastes.

Technology for the production of activated carbon of high quality is one of the latest developments of the Research Institute. It is based on the use of carbon bioremediation with a specific surface of more than 2000 m2/g. This material is used for hemosorption, enterosorption, for the creation of newest sources of electric current, and so on. Technology uses method of combined activation combined with activation of gases containing hydrogen and atomic nitrogen. The uniform distribution of sorption properties across the volume of the resulting sorbent at high mechanical strength is ensured by the use of the technology of the “pulsating" boiling layer.

The developed technology has high possibilities for carrying out various heavy metals both from water and from blood of the person (thanks to good biocompatibility).
The main features are below:

• Specific surface area - 2000 m2 / g;
• Sorption Al – 98.8%;
• Sorption Cu – 99%;;
• Sorption Sr – 97%;
• Sorption Co – 94%;.;
• Oxidation stability on an air, °С 700—773.

The institute would like to find a partner dedicated to environmental or healthcare issues interested in licencing this technology.

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The developed equipment allow to produce the activated charcoal of a high quality, which is characterized by a specific surface layer of pores - 2000 m3/g and high mechanical strength, which is achieved due to the special activation method. The "know-how" consists of the method of pulsating injection of air and ammonia into reactor, which creates an unstable process of "burning" of conversion products and the emergence of radicals.

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The research Institute is looking for companies which are working in healthcare, pharmaceutical or chemical industries, and which would be interested in buying technology of the developed equipment.