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Ukrainian company is developing the next generation of environmentally friendly solutions (microwave) for the treatment of wooden surfaces from insects and is looking for distributors and commercial agents

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The Ukrainian company designs and manufactures a microwave-based disinsectant (microwave equipment) for the control and elimination of insect pests in wooden constructions. The equipment is ecologically friendly, leaves no poisonous residues, is safe to apply and easy to use. The company is seeking distribution and commercial agency agreements.



The manufacturer was founded in 2012 in Ukraine. The success of using microwave technology at the early stages of the company fueled the design of innovative microwave equipment for the control and elimination of wood-eating insects (grinder, bark beetle, moustache beetle, termites etc.). The company grew quickly to capture the European market. The key to the success was in the specially designed emitter antenna, enabling the even distribution of the microwave field to the targeted area. The Ukrainian company has created a product which is environmentally friendly, without the use of harsh chemicals, easy to use and completely safe.

There are many insect repellents available, but the company developed a perfect solution through the use of microwave technology. With the use of microwave technology, people can now control insect infestations easily and safely. The microwave device emits electromagnetic waves which stimulate the water molecules in the wood, slightly raising the temperature to 50°-60° C (120°-140° F) killing any insects and worms in the wood.

The manufacture is interested in expanding its market by identifying international business partners and, to this end, it is looking for partners interested in distributing its products based on distribution services agreements and agents, interested in company´s representation of products under a commercial agency agreement.

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The key to the success of equipment is in the specially designed emitter antenna, enabling the even distribution of the microwave field to the targeted area. The lightweight design enables the antenna to be easily and without much effort, comfortably placed at the targeted infestation. The antenna design is protected from dust, dirt and harsh environments.

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The company offered a CE-certified device. EN 60335-2-59:2003/A2:2009, EN 55014-1:2006/A2:2011 (CISPR 14-1:2005/A2:2011)

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The company is interested to get in contact with foreign distributors and agents for commercial agency agreements and for distributors services agreements. Both distributors and the agents should promote the goods on the market, look for potential customers as well as provide the feedback information about the trends on the market. The partner should have a minimum of 2 years of experience in the sector and should be able to explain to the final clients the quality level of the products. The company is mainly targeting Germany, Spain, Italy and France but is open for proposal from other potential markets within the EU.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,251-500,SME 51-250