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An Ukrainian company engaged in producing polyurethane is looking for partners abroad under manufacturing agreement

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The Ukrainian company is engaged in the production of piece and serial polyurethane products for various purposes and configurations, including polyurethane lining of conveyor rollers, various shafts, loading wheels, clamps, conveyor scrapers, marzans for the printing industry, seal cuffs, cuffs for oil pipelines, vibration couplings, bus suspension bushings, road milling cutters, scrapers for road rollers, etc. It is looking for partners abroad for cooperation under a manufacturing agreement.



The Ukrainian company from Dnipro was founded in 2009. The company is a manufacturer of products from polyurethane for companies from different sectors. Polyurethane products have less weight than their metal counterparts. Also they have better tolerance to the thermal impact at the most active, long-term operation.

The company can produce to order next products:
- pipe lining: it provides an effective solution to overcome abrasion and corrosion problems associated with moving material in the mining and agricultural industries;
- wear liners: are commonly used in cyclones, chutes, buckets, hoppers and drop landings along with many other applications to overcome abrasion, impact, noise and corrosion problems;
- wheels and rollers: the SME's polyurethane wheels offer higher load bearing capacity and are more durable than alternatives such as rubber and plastics;
- screens: it produces polyurethane screens to suit a range of different mineral processing application;
- valves and seals: a large range of polyurethane valves and seals, including deflector cones, lining of knife and butterfly valves, balls for check valves and a range of seals including v seals;
- cyclones: can produce new cyclone components using client's drawings.

The polyurethane can be used in different spheres, since this material is an effective substitute for other polymers, rubber and many kinds of metals. Prices for polyurethane are very profitable, that is why company's production of polyurethane is constantly increasing. This material is extremely durable. It can be elastic and maximum resistant to rupture, and can be hard and resistant to abrasion.

Due to the company’s most production goes to export markets (Germany, France, Estonia, Poland, Romania) the manufacturer is offering a manufacturing agreement for the companies, who are looking for the producers of polyurethane, to produce products for them in order.

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- 10 types of polyurethane for different areas and customer needs. - Production capacity - 5 tons of finished products per day. - Customer base: more than 20 foreign partners, more than 30 largest Ukrainian corporations, more than 3,000 counterparties. - A team of 25 qualified professionals. - Quality of products, guaranteed by the Quality Department and approved by the Ministry of Economic Development of Ukraine. - Continuous expansion of products through the introduction of innovative technologies and production methods.

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The company is open for manufacturing agreements to become a supplier of polyurethane products for companies with an already existing market presence or with concrete orders. The potential partner should be interested in and have the willingness to establish a long-term cooperation. Type of partner sought: - Agroindustrial complex; - Oil and gas transportation companies; - Mining industry; - Defense industry; - Metallurgical industry; - Sea and railway transport; - Pharmaceutical industry; - Food and Beverages; - Communal complex, airports; - Building sector; - Automotive industry; - Logistics centers and many others. The manufacturing agreement contains the following production from polyurethane : - Gravity Equipment; - Grizzly buckets; - Sheets and Slabs; - Wheels, rollers, bandages; - Shafts, lining of shafts; - Rods, bushings; - Rollers, bushings; - Sieves and screen parts; - Hydrocyclones; - Jackets, damper rings, gaskets; - Polyurethane spraying; - Customized parts, non-standard products. The partner’s role: - Purchase products for use in own production.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500




Pipe lining




Wheels & Rollers


Wear liners


Valves & Seals