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Ukrainian company is looking for distributors of organically certified frozen / fresh berries, mushrooms, and horseradish under distribution agreement

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The Ukrainian company specializing in the manufacturing of organically certified frozen IQF /fresh berries, mushrooms and horseradish is looking for distributors under a distribution services agreement. The company is also looking for partners for the production of puree, concentrates, juice, etc. The company is ready to manufacture products under private label in terms of a manufacturing agreement. It is looking for partners to establish long-term partnership relations.



The company established in 2016 and located in the Lviv region. The main activity of the company is provision and realization of wild growth organic or cultivated berries, mushrooms, and horseradish, its primary processing in particular cleaning, sorting, freezing and afterward wholesale in the different countries, for using in the certain branches of the food industry. All production is unique and invaluable since it is collected in the ecologically clean area of the Carpathian mountains, in particular, Western part of Ukraine. The company proposes a wide range of berries such as blueberry, strawberry, raspberry, blackberry, lingonberry, sour cherry, plums, sea-buckthorn, elderberries, rowanberry, rosehip, blueberry.
The company producing from 2000-4000 tons of berries and 600 tons of horseradish root during the season.
The main business partners of the company are the enterprises which are situated in the EU. The company has certified by Organic Standard. So, depends on berries it can be as wild organic as conventional. The main goal is to propose to clients highly qualitative products for the best prices. And for these reasons the company constantly modernizing of the production process, developing possibilities and looking forward to trustable and reliable business partners.
Currently, the company is looking for distributors for long-term cooperation under the distribution agreement. Moreover, the company is interested to collaborate under the manufacturing agreement for the production of goods under private label.

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The Ukrainian company can offer the following advantages to a potential partner. • Certification of products as organic • Stable quality and prices • Traditional tastes in modern packaging • Upon request, all the products can be produced under a private label • Capacity for considerably increased output. The foundational principals of activity are of high quality, good price, and reliability. Thanks to all mentioned facts, the company won the trust of customers around the EU and is very proud of it.

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Type: Distributor companies in the food industry segment. Role: Realize the company’s products in the country of residence or outside the country according to a distribution services agreement. The partner shall have storehouses for storing the products and logistics network for their delivery to the consumer. The partner shall also be aware of the market for prediction of the deliveries’ volume and their realization. Type: Agro companies which are willing to produce puree, concentrate, juice, etc. Role: Supplying of raw ingredients to the processing under private label in terms of the manufacturing agreement.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500