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The Ukrainian company is looking for a new licenses for production of board games

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The Ukrainian company is interested in extending range of board games proposed to a customer. This company is looking for new innovative and interesting board games which could be produced by the company under a license agreement.



The company from Ukraine is situated in Lviv city and was established in 2017.
This company is working in a field of manufacturing of the board games and has gained success with its products on the Ukrainian market.
Products of the company are designed for children and adults of all ages.
The main task is not to repeat already known and promoted games, but to create new ones, taking into account specifics and mentality as of the region as country as a whole.
Certified materials and high-quality of the product manufacturing are another feature of the company's games.
The company is wishes to buy licenses for the new games with which it could extend range, of, proposed to a customer, products.
The company is also offers development or adaptation of the games taking into account individual needs and wishes of corporate customers.
For this purpose the company wishes to establish license agreement with the game developers.

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The board games should be new for the market and have interesting and non-standard mechanics or the concept of the game. This should be a game with well described rules, developed and tested gameplay and specified design characteristics (including materials and shapes).

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Type of partner sought: board games design and production companies and board game developers. Specific area of the partner: board game design, board game publishing. Tasks to be performed: The company wish to by a license for a board game from potential partner.