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The Ukrainian company, a manufacturer of metal products, is looking for manufacturing agreements

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The company from Ukraine is working in a field of metal working and is manufacturing metal products, such as playgrounds, sports and workout equipment, control cabinets, block cases, wall decors, etc. This company is looking for the partners to work under manufacturing or distribution services agreements.



The Ukrainian company situated in the Kharkov region is working in a field of metal works.
The company is working on the Ukrainian market for over 10 years and, during this time, it has become a leader in Eastern Ukraine in powder coating (according to the National Business Rating).
Since this company has gained popularity at the Ukrainian market. It grows and wishes to expand to foreign markets and to find new clients and partners all around the EEN countries to expand working markets.
This company manufactures different metal products, such as playgrounds, sports equipment, workout equipment, control cabinets, block cases, wall decors, height meters, metal art products, fences, etc.
Also, the company manufactures powder coating equipment and shot blasting equipment.
The company carries out complex processing and finishing works for metal products.
The company provides services for laser cutting and bending of metal from 1 to 20mm, welding, powder painting and shot blasting up to 7m.
The company has it own products list and wish to find a partner who will distribute them at his market under the distribution services agreement.
The company is also interested in manufacturing for the potential partner metal products under the technical task provided by the partner.

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- ISO9001 certified production; - Own design department and electronics department; - The company has its own patents in the field of powder coating; - Quality control is carried out at all stages - Company has it own logistic and situated in the center of Europe so the logistic chain is short and fast (depend on delivery region).

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The potential partners are the commercial representatives of metal products and distributors in this branch. The cooperation based on distribution services agreement is considered. Also, the partnership sought is a manufacturing agreement for a specific product or component. The partners' requirements can be expressed either by supplying the product's specification or through a description based on which the company will manufacture the product.


The metal height meter


Painted part




Metallic cat