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A Ukrainian company offers a hardware-software complex for spectral correction "biometric analyzer of the resulting spectra".

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A Ukrainian company offers a comprehensive diagnostic apparatus that reveals the nature and cause of pathology in 90% of clinical cases. The device is an original development of a new generation of medical purposes based on a new concept and modern IT technologies. The advantages of this offer are the reliability of the results, special software and a competitive price. Type of cooperation: commercial agreement with technical assistance.



The Ukrainian SME is an enterprise that develops and manufactures hardware and software complexes for medical purposes, in which an information-wave approach to the diagnosis of the human body and the correction of its energy state is laid. The company not only manufactures, but also technically (warranty and post-warranty) services those devices that are in operation by users.
The structure of the company consists of 5 main departments providing a full range of services for production, maintenance, protection of the electronic database (program) and personal data, continuous development of the information base, maintenance of devices.
The first working version of the device has existed since 2006. To date, version 7 of the 3D device (8 modules) is being implemented, and constant work is underway to modernize it and add new functions. Already created version 8 - 3D, which includes 9 modules.
The method of operation of the device is that at first all information about the body is read, then superweak specific signals are given to the diseased organ, which are generated by the device. Low levels of electromagnetic signals ensure self-tuning of the body to the required therapeutic frequency at the cell level, which ensures the harmlessness of the technique.
The device also uses the latest mathematical technologies, which makes it possible to obtain quantitative characteristic individual indicators of the signals under study.
Thus, the apparatus does not treat a diseased organ, but assesses the informational characteristics of the whole organism, finds the cause of the imbalance in the body and eliminates it, also using information-wave methods, attuning the work of all organs to the "correct signal".
Diagnostics carried out with the help of the apparatus more accurately reveals the nature and cause of the pathology.
The device as a medical device is officially registered and certified in Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Russia, in 2014 it received an international quality certificate ISO 9001: 2008, and in 2018 ISO 13485: 2016.
Currently, work is underway to certify the device for compliance with quality requirements to Western standards, for practical use in medical practice in Western Europe and other countries.
The company conducts research and development work on an ongoing basis in cooperation with leading research institutes, clinical institutions and specialized laboratories. The results obtained are taken into account and form the basis of the methods of work of the doctors-operators. Additionally, generalized materials are published in specialized scientific journals and reports are made at conferences, including international ones.
The Ukrainian company offers cooperation in the implementation of this software and hardware complex in the markets of other countries, on the basis of a commercial agency agreement with technical assistance, as well as assistance in the creation of centralized networks of Information Medicine Centers, operating using the technical and clinical capabilities of a medical equipment product of serial production of spectral complexes. correction, in the field of family doctor institutions, emergency medicine and disaster medicine, as well as other specialized areas of health care. It is also possible to consider the issue of selling a patent or license for the production of this medical device.

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- Information is removed from all organs and systems: this allows a holistic approach to the treatment of the body. - No additional analyzes and studies are required. - It is possible to identify pathological changes at the earliest stages of development. - Fast (the signal is removed in 3 seconds, the analysis takes place in 15-25 minutes) - High accuracy of research (more than 90%) - High efficiency of treatment. - In addition to the causes of pathologies in the body, the device determines the body's predisposition to various types of infectious, oncological diseases, as well as possible viral and bacterial attacks. - Ease of use, maximum freedom, the possibility of a creative approach by a doctor-operator in choosing a way to solve a patient's disease. - Compactness and mobility - the small size and weight of the device make it easy to transport it and use it anywhere in the world, in any hard-to-reach places. This allows the device to be used in rural areas, where it is objectively difficult to do any other research in the event of an imbalance in the human body. The device is constantly being improved, updated, new functions are added, the marker database is updated. In 2018, the eighth, updated version appeared. The device has more than 40 patented discoveries and innovations of Ukrainian scientists. The device has received official certificates of the relevant health structures of Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Russia on state registration, certificates of quality conformity in these countries, as well as certificates of conformity and quality. Currently, all the necessary documentation is being processed to obtain an international patent and start selling the device abroad.

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The Ukrainian SME is looking for entities are needed which have expertise in the field of medical diagnostics, as well as with researchers who are interested in defining centralized networks of Information Medicine Centers. The enterprise expects cooperation, which will allow bringing the software and hardware complex of spectral correction to international markets.