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The Ukrainian company produces handmade jewellery from bull horns is looking for commercial agents

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The Ukrainian company specialized in handcrafting contemporary jewellery, created by a designer that mixes modern and traditional elements, is interested in finding commercial partners. The company uses natural materials such as the horn of an animal bull to create accessories such as pendants, rings and earrings, hairpins, hairbrushes, combs, magnifiers, belts and other similar pieces.



The founder of this Ukrainian company is a jeweller with 35 years of experience creating handmade jewellery from the horn of an animal bull. The company monitors trends on foreign markets on an ongoing basis to ensure its strong position on the market by offering unique and/or fashionable products on the worldwide market. The jewellery keeps the best quality of plating even after a long time of using.

Handwork with horn needs special talent and mastery, which comes over time. The jewellery is not produced in large quantities. A company can make 10 pieces per month.

The workshop creates design and produces a wide range of accessories:
- necklaces and bead necklaces,
- pendants,
- rings and earrings,
- hairpins, hairbrushes, combs, magnifiers, belts and others.

Having the benefit of experience in handmade jewellery design and manufacture, the company can create original and quality custom fashion jewellery suitable for different requests. The company also provides handmade accessories according to the customer's specifications. Company's own designer colleagues assist the customers in creating a design for their custom fashion accessories.

The company is developing rapidly because of unique jewellery don't have analogues in the world.

Currently, the company is looking for commercial partners who are interested in unique jewellery, to increase its market share in the foreign markets. The ideal form of cooperation is a commercial agency agreement. Company will provide brochures etc. and partner is expected to take responsibility for building new sales channels.

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The main advantage of the company is that it is both a manufacturer and a designer. The other advantages are : - making handmade jewelry from the natural material of an animal’s horn; - each thing is exclusive as it is not possible to repeat the texture of the material; - all things are individually packed and have a nice design; - the company is already engaged in transnational cooperation.

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Already on the market

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The company desires to work with an emerging fashion brand. It's looking for sales partners doing business in foreign markets. The Ukrainian company is looking for partners under a long and mutually-beneficial commercial agency agreement.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,251-500,SME 51-250