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Ukrainian company that produces vermicompost is looking for commercial agents and distributors

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The Ukrainian producer of vermicompost is looking for commercial agents and distributors. The company wants to expand sales of goods in the European market and offers long-term partnerships based on a distribution agreement and/or commercial agency agreements. Cooperation is sought in all EU countries.



A small family company from southern Ukraine has been producing vermicompost since 2017. Vermicompost (biohumus) is a product of organic waste processing by the California red worm. Today it is the most effective organic fertilizer, environmentally friendly, harmless to the soil, plants, and humans. Biohumus is widely used for planting, feeding all types of agricultural crops, in floriculture, horticulture, soil reclamation, and also for insect control. It has been proven that the use of vermicompost at all stages of plant growth increases productivity by 30-50%, increases planting resistance to diseases and pests.
Biohumus is enriched with essential nutrients. Its composition breaks records for the number of trace elements, enzymes, vitamins, soil antibiotics, etc. All elements of vermicompost are perfectly balanced and easily absorbed by plants.
Agrochemical composition of biohumus,%:
• dry organic matter - 40-60%;
• humus - 20-30;
• total nitrogen 1.5-3.3;
• phosphorus (P2O5) - 1.8—4;
• potassium (KgO) - 1.2-3;
• calcium - 4.5-7;
• magnesium - 0.5-1.6;
• iron - 0.6-1.3;
• copper - 0.03—0.04;
• zinc - 0.08-0.09;
• manganese - 0.06-0.09;
• bacterial flora - up to 2000 billion colonies in 1 g of biohumus.
• moisture content of vermicompost - 40-50%;
• acidity (pH) —6.5—7.2;
Vermicompost delivery is planned to be carried out in polyethylene bags. The productive capacity of the company for the production of biohumus is 5-6 tons per month.
The company is looking for partners to bring the fertilizer on an international market.
Two types of cooperation are considered:
1) commercial agency agreement under which the company is looking for agents that will be responsible for representing the client’s products.
2) distribution services agreement under which the company is looking for distributors for its products. The goal of this cooperation is to establish a medium or long-term partnership with the distributor who will buy and sell products of the Ukrainian company.

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The advantages of vermicompost: • Vermicompost has a granular structure, has a pleasant smell of fresh earth. • When applied to the soil, fertilizer activates the processes inherent in healthy soil. Restores its structure, water, acid-base, chemical composition, restores natural fertility. • With biohumus, residues of earthworms and microorganisms, as well as their waste products, including phytohormones, contributing to intensive plant growth, enter the soil. • Fertilizer perfectly retains moisture in the soil, thereby protecting plants from drought. And the number of waterings is reduced. And also vermicompost: • forms the natural immunity of the plant, makes it harder; • enhances the color of leaves of trees, flowers, lawn grass; • binds heavy metals and radionuclides in the soil, prevents plants from accumulating nitrates; • guarantees maximum plant survival; • reduces the time of seed germination and the appearance of the first shoots, increases productivity.

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The firm is looking for business partners worldwide. The company is willing to establish cooperation: - distribution services agreement – foreign partners (distributors) acting in fertilizers, agriculture sector are supposed to sell vermicompost on their regional markets. - commercial agency agreement – the role of commercial agents is to represent the company’s product. The firm would like to reach retail traders, farmers, etc. The business partners should have experience in the agriculture field and an extensive network of business contacts.