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Ukrainian company specialized in the installation and service of industrial equipment seeks for partners under subcontracting agreements

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Consulting services
Other industrial equipment and machinery
Process control and logistics
Engineering services
Consulting services
Repair of machinery
Installation of industrial machinery and equipment
Plumbing, heat and air conditioning installation
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Ukrainian company, established in 2009 and specialized in the installation and service of industrial equipment for the production of beverages and food items, looks for partners to deliver services under subcontracting agreements. Since 2009 the company has finished almost 100 successful projects on the factories of world-famous producers.



The company is a professional contractor of the installation and service of industrial pipelines and process equipment for the production of beverages and food items offer subcontracting agreements to a company in a complementary and non-competitive sector of activity, having the same customer portfolio interested in developing an additional activity.

The company delivers the following services:
1. tungsten inert gas welding
2. mechanical mounting
3. electrical installation
4. production of modules
5. logistics services
6. thermal insulation
7. recovery of used equipment
8. production of tanks "on-site"
9. supply of components

The company is capable of comprehensively solving problems in the technological processes of the food, processing and pharmaceutical industries.

The Ukrainian company is a leader in the field of mechanical installation of industrial-technological systems and related services.
The company's customers are industrial enterprises - manufacturers of consumer goods and engineering companies.
Since 2009, the company has been solving the problems of customers from the following industries: food and beverage, dairy, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, household chemicals and others.

The geography of the company's activity extends to Ukraine, Poland, Russia, Eastern and Western Europe, Africa, the Middle East and other countries.

The desired outcome of the subcontracting agreement is to provide with the technology/product to the partners, which would be mainly hotel chains. The company would like to expand its business internationally.

Advantages & innovations

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- implementation of works "without restrictions" in the European Union, Ukraine and the Eurasian Economic Union; - the application of modern technologies of welding, assembly and mechanical processing of materials; -the company is representative of major producers, offering high-quality products; -the company has an experienced team of engineers, able to provide the best services; -the company offer a double component to their partners - both products supplying and service providing, appropriately mixing them to offer added value.

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Already on the market

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The company is looking for: 1) Engineering companies to conduct contractual works. 2) Producers of technological equipment to conduct contractual and service operations. 3) General contractors to jointly participate in the building of greenfield industrial projects. The company is looking for partners for project management of large-scale projects with investors, designers or general contractors under subcontracting. Potential partners are expected to be experienced and reliable.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,251-500,SME 51-250