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Ukrainian company specializing in the production of mineral table and medical water seeks distributors

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Ukrainian company, located in the ecologically clean district of Lviv region and specialized in the production of high-quality natural mineral and medical water, seeks distributors and retailers working on the local market or experienced in working with the HoReCa channel in Europe.



The factory of the mineral water was constructed in the early 1973. The source is located in the ecologically clean district of Lviv region, Ukraine.

This water is naturally saturated with useful components, and the original pouring technology allows to keep the entire spectrum of healing properties. The new productive forces and new technologies allow conducting strict and quality control of the production. The mineral composition of this water is a balanced daily rate of minerals that are necessary for both adults and children.


Sodium (Na++K+) 700-1000 mg/dm3
Calcium(Ca+2) 100-400 mg/dm3
Magnesium(Mg+2) Chloride (Cl-) 600-1200 mg/dm3
Sulfate (SO4-2) 800-1400 mg/dm3
Bicarbonate HCO3 200-600 mg/dm3

General mineralization 3,0-5,0 mg/dm3
Packaging Polyethylene terephthalate (PET)-bottle, 1,5 l and 0,33 l
Type of water sparkling: strongly sparkling, slightly sparkling
Period of storage 1 year

The company exports its products to the Czech Republic and ready to expand its activities EU-wide. Therefore, manufacturer seeks for distributors and retailers on the local EU markets or companies experienced in working with HORECA channels.

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- The Ukrainian company more than 40 years on the market; - Reasonable price; - the company uses modern automated equipment. - the water can be used for treating of chronic diseases of liver, biliary tract, cholecystitis, hepatitis, gastritis, gastric ulcer, normalize the function of the stomach and intestine, to heal chronic pancreatitis, chronic diseases of kidneys and urinary tract.

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Already on the market

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Company is looking for distributors and retailers working on the local market or experienced in working with HORECA channel in Europe. Type: Small and medium-sized enterprises. Field of activity: companies – retailers which are engaged in selling of food and beverages.

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SME 11-50,>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500