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A Ukrainian company of the textile sector produces exclusive women’s clothes and seeks partners for distributors, commercial agents and offers manufacturing agreement.

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Clothing and shoe stores
Clothing, shoes and accessories (including jewellery)
Manufacture of other outerwear
Wholesale of clothing and footwear


A Ukrainian company specialized in women's clothes has been producing mainly dresses, blouses, suits and outwear for women. The company looks for distributors and commercial agents in order to increase its market share abroad. Furthermore, it offers a manufacturing agreement to produce the requested designs by the partners.



The company is based in Western Ukraine and is involved in manufacturing women's clothing since 2000. The company creates and manufactures overcoats, formal dresses, overalls, suits, jackets, skirts, pants, and blouses using wool, cotton, viscose, silk, flax, and lavsan.

The company's textile garment and tricot departments take great care in all stages of the production. Quality control is one of the reasons for the company's success in this field.

The entirety of the manufacturing process takes place in Ukraine. The company has its own designers that actively follows ongoing fashion trends. The designers use their expertise to combine quality, tradition, and style.

The company wants to proactively work together with distributors in the target countries to establish its brand image of high-quality items aimed at high-end consumers.

The company seeks distributors and commercial agents with extensive knowledge in the local market in the women's clothes sector. The partners should help the Ukrainian company to increase its market share abroad.

Furthermore, the company also looks for textile companies willing to have suits, blouses, dresses, and outwear manufactured by the Ukrainian company. The company has the capacity to manufacture specially designed products according to the needs of the customers'.

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- in-depth knowledge and experience in women's clothes sector - qualified and experienced staff - high-quality material - personalized services - the capability of manufacturing special designs - innovative designers - prompt and timely delivery of products - high-quality equipment

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Already on the market

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The Ukrainian company is looking for SME or large companies as partners to expand their business to international markets. The company is looking for international partners in Europе for distribution and commercial agency agreement of the brand’s highly stylish collections. The company is also open to serving under manufacturing agreements for international brands. The Ukrainian company wants to establish long-term business collaboration. The partner should have experience in operating in the women's clothes sector, with the required contacts to forge the distribution channels.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,251-500,SME 51-250