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A Ukrainian engineering institute is offering engineering and design services for chemical production though outsourcing agreement

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The Ukrainian design institute offers a wide range of services in the design of chemical production facilities. The desirable type of cooperation is engineering design agreement for chemical facilities in the frame of an outsourcing agreement.



The Ukrainian design institute was established in 2008.
Throughout its history, the institute has introduced into the industry a number of technological processes for the production of mineral fertilizers and the synthesis of organic products and performs integrated design of both individual plants and entire plants and cover all stages of the investment process:
- feasibility study of investments;
- technical and economic calculations;
- calculation and formation of the working draft, project, working documentation;
starting from its earliest stages and ending with the launch and launch of the installation in the design mode.

The Institute specializes in methanol ammonia, nitric acid, ammonium nitrate, methanol, acetylene, acetic acid, etc. production technology.
The Institute has solid reputation in Ukraine and abroad.

Services provided by the Institute:
- participation in the preparation of design assignments and site selection for construction;
- determination in agreement with the customer and the contractor of the volumes, stages and cost of design work;
- preparation and submission to subcontracting organizations of tasks for design and engineering surveys;
- execution of contracts for the implementation of all types of design and survey works;
- coordination of works of subcontracting organizations and coordination of architectural and planning, volumetric, spatial, technical solutions and environmental requirements when performing a set of design works;
- coordination in the design process of fundamental technical decisions made by subcontractors;
- ensuring the conformity of projects to the design assignment;
- acceptance from subcontracting organizations of finished design documentation;
- complectation of all design estimates and its transfer to the customer, including those developed by subcontract organizations;
- participation in the review and approval of the project documentation in accordance to applicable norms and rules;
- Performance of technical and economic calculations, technical and commercial proposals.
- Construction of technological equipment;
- Automatization of technological processes;
- Architectural and construction solutions;
- Inter-workshop communications;
- Development and building of the: power supply water supply, water disposal, sewerage systems, communication networks, heating, ventilation,air conditioning and heating networks, Fire alarm systems, environmental protection systems;
- Providing protective measures (lightning protection, grounding);
- Calculations of fire hazard categories, energy indicators (energy potentials, destruction zones, etc.) for explosive objects;
- Calculations of the environmental impact assessment (EIA);
- Technical support and supervision of designed objects throughout the entire construction period;
- organization of field supervision of the implementation of design decisions, participation in the acceptance of objects into operation.
To provide this services for chemical facilities design institute is looking for the partners engaged in chemical industry to provide services for formation of the documentation, development and building chemical facilities in a frame of outsourcing agreement.
In recent years, a number of large production facilities have been built and under construction in Ukraine, Iran, Lithuania, China, Russia and others.

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- Individual approach in solving technical issues of production; - 11 years of experience designing chemical industry facilities; - Ability to complete a turnkey project. - Licensed for methanol and acetylene technologies. - Company designed and engaged in designing projects for more than 30 chemical companies in Ukraine, Iran, Lithuania, China, Russia and others. - One of the developments is a project for the production of Dioctylterephthalate (DOTP) based on technological modules for the production of terephthalic acid.

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Type: industry Activity: Chemical manufacturer, investor in chemical plant construction and modernization projects. Customer for design and engineering services, services in the selection of the licensor and preliminary work with him in the development of technical solutions for the project, services related to the supply of technological equipment for the chemical production of ammonia, nitric acid, ammonium nitrate, methanol, acetylene, acetic acid, etc. Role: in outsourcing, it is expected from the partner to order the engineering and design services for chemical production facilities