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Ukrainian manufacture of paint and varnish materials is looking for a partner to conclude distribution services or manufacturing agreements

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Materials, components and systems for construction
Distribution of building products and systems
Manufacture of paints, varnishes and similar coatings, printing ink and mastics


The Ukrainian producer of paint and varnish materials seeks distributors. The Ukrainian company offers to potential wholesalers a wide range of products, such as enamels, water-based paints, paints in aerosol cans, putties, primers, glues. The company is looking for new partners to conclude distribution services or manufacturing agreements.



The Ukrainian company is a modern high-tech manufacturer of paints and adhesives with a wide range of applications with its own branch network in Ukraine since 1995. The Ukrainian producer offers to potential distributors the following products:
-water-based paints
-paints in aerosol cans
-alkyd varnishes
-acrylic varnishes
The company also entered foreign markets, exporting paints, varnishes, and glue to Georgia, Moldova, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, and the Russian Federation. The company is looking for new partners - wholesalers. The Ukrainian manufacture invites partners from all over the EU and beyond. The company can offer to work on the basis of its standard products and brands or to produce products for clients under their brand. The company supports the philosophy of working efficiently, hearing customers, and offering quality products at an affordable cost.

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The reliable partner on the local market with its own branch network in Ukraine. The technological capacities of the enterprise allow the company to produce more than 60,000 tons of products per year. Production lines are formed on the basis of high-performance equipment of the world's leading manufacturers of machines for the paint and varnish industry. Only high-quality raw materials are used. Own laboratory allows controlling the high quality of produced products.

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Already on the market

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The desirable partners are wholesalers, high-end retailers. The future partner should be interested in establishing medium or long-term cooperation. The potential partner has to provide qualitative representation and dissemination of the products on its corresponding local market under distribution services agreements or manufacturing agreements.

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251-500,SME 51-250,>500