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A Ukrainian manufacturer of construction equipment is looking for manufacturing agreement

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Manufacture of machinery for mining, quarrying and construction


The Ukrainian company specializes in design and creation of the unique machinery for construction with the special intention - for production of foam concrete at the conditions of the building area, energy-saving foam concrete into industrial and housing construction. The company is looking to establish a manufacturing agreement with an international firm.



The Ukrainian company successfully produces equipment for the production of foam concrete for 21 years. This equipment allows the construction of social housing economy class with high performance and energy efficiency for all climatic zones. Integrated low-rise construction. One installation is able to provide simultaneous construction of up to 4 low-rise homes. In the monolithic house-building industry, the equipment is capable of performing very large amount of work on heat insulation with high productivity.

Installation produces at the construction site and delivers to the place of packing:
- effective heat insulators - ultralight monolithic foam concrete with density D150-D300;
- heat structural foam concrete with a bearing and self-supporting ability D400-D700;
- constructional foam concrete with density D800-D1800;
- special foam concrete, with special properties, for use in conditions with increased requirements for thermal insulation and strength;
- concretes with a filler fraction of 16-20;
- any mortars and plasters;
- Semi-dry screed mixtures, self-levelling compounds, waterproofing solutions and compounds;
- performs plastering with nozzle spraying and shotcrete-concreting.

The equipment is producing to order. The customer has the opportunity to formulate his Technical Assignment for the manufacture of mobile construction systems in terms of productivity, the allocation of priority functions, the degree of automation of technological processes, the volume and composition of the assembly, the choice of design and technological solutions - exclusively for their individual needs and compliance with the purpose.

The product is well established within Ukraine, Moldova and Russia and provides a practical and economical solution.

The company is ready to start its expansion strategy to address the main European and Asian markets. For this purpose, it is looking for construction companies: under the manufacturing agreement the company would manufacture construction equipment for the business partners from the above-mentioned markets.

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The universal properties of the equipment provide a wide range of applicability: - Fast payback of the equipment is provided by high specific productivity, universal properties and ability to withstand high operational loads. - Low operating costs are achieved by an optimal combination of automated and manual methods of management and maintenance of the construction complex. - There is no need to use heavy construction equipment. - The equipment has three classes of performance: winter - for operation at low temperatures, tropical - for operation in hot and humid climates and conventional, which does not require special operating conditions.

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The Ukrainian manufacturer of equipment for the production of foam concrete is looking for construction companies to produce the machines in order under manufacturing agreement. The SME produces already the foam concrete machines for Moldavian and Russian construction companies with individual requirements.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500