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A Ukrainian manufacturer of conveyor belts and all types of rollers for harvesters offers manufacturing agreements

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The Ukrainian company is specialised in the manufacturing of conveyor belts and all types of rollers for vegetable harvesting equipment. The company is looking for business partners in EU countries under manufacturing agreements.



The Ukrainian company was established in 2013, Ternopil. It is located in a strategically good location 200 km from the west border of the country. The company manufactures conveyor belts and all types of rollers for beetroot-, potato-, tomato-, onion-, carrot harvesting equipment (harvesters).

The company can offer these products:
- receiving conveyor belts: for receiving the dug vegetables and transporting them for further cleaning;
- loading conveyor belts: the conveyor is used for the transportation of cleaned vegetables and loading into the hopper;
- unloading conveyor belts: is used to unload vegetables from the bunker into the trailer of the vehicle, etc.
- rollers.

All products are manufactured in accordance with Technical Conditions approved by the relevant competent organizations. Conveyor belts and rubber-metal rollers are always available in the warehouses of SMEs.

The company uses only high quality certified materials, which are imported from EU coutries. All production can be manufactured according to the design and samples given by a client. The company exports to Italy, Poland, Russia.

Currently, the company would like to find new clients and it is looking for manufacturers of beetroot-, potato-, tomato-, onion-, carrot harvesting equipment. The company offers its services under a manufacturing agreement.

Advantages & innovations

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- The company has deep experience and extensive knowledge in the field of conveyor belts manufacturing; - Manufacturing machines are renewed constantly and new technologies are implemented in order to facilitate employee work; - The highest quality of raw materials - It is able to offer their clients different types of conveyor belts and rollers according to the customer request;

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Already on the market

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The Ukrainian company is offering its products and services for agricultural companies, producers of beetroot-, potato-, tomato-, onion-, carrot harvesting equipment (harvesters). The company can be responsible for the manufacturing of products or just a components and work with manufacturing agreement.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500