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Ukrainian manufacturer of the grain cleaning equipment is looking for distribution partners

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Ukrainian company specializing in aerodynamic separators with direct-flow air supply technology is looking for partners to expand its distribution to European markets.



The established in 2009 company from Ukraine develops and manufactures new generation grain cleaning equipment. Aerodynamic grain separators are characterized by simplicity, reliability, durability and energy efficiency. Thanks to the exact calculation in aerodynamics, the separators qualitatively clean all types of crops and are able to select seeds for sowing with guaranteed germination to 98%, thereby increasing yield to 35%. The engine on the separators is located directly in front of the separation chamber, which allowed to reduce energy consumption, but without loss of performance. Thanks to the direct-flow motor, separators were able to be equipped with a frequency converter (mini computer), which is capable of changing the frequency of rotation of the engine. Thanks to this innovation, separators can more accurately adjust the air flow for any crop, any humidity and clogging. Air entering the separation chamber passes through the engine, thereby cooling it.
Another advantage of the frequency converter is the fact that when working on different crops, different energy consumption (on heavy crops, more consumption, and on light crops less). In general, separators consume 3 times less electricity than analogues.
Separators also have such a mode as "reverse". The reverse mode allows you to clean the separator from the previous culture and prepare it for the separation of a new one.
The company's equipment is successfully operated on five continents thanks to an individual approach to each region, each country, taking into account processed crops and technical requirements. Company is looking for a new partners to expand sales of the separators to a new markets. For this purpose company wish to establish the distribution services agreements.

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- Separators, produced by the company, for cleaning, sorting and calibration of grain can provide a capacity of 3 to 200 tons per hour. - Grain cleaning equipment has a warranty period of 24 months. - Low power consumption of grain separators will allow you to reduce your costs and, accordingly, increase your net profit. - Self-cleaning mode allows you to switch from one grain crop to another within 5-10 minutes.

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The company is looking for partners involved in the distribution of agricultural machinery for the joint implementation of aerodynamic grain separators.


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