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The Ukrainian manufacturer of leather footwear is looking for distribution services agreement

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Dyes related to Footwear / Leather Technology
Clothing and shoe stores
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The Ukrainian company proposes high quality and comfortable man footwear from natural leather. The manufacture with more than 10 years of experience in producing shoes is looking for distribution services agreement in order to establish long-term partnerships.



Company established in 2006. Specialization is men footwear (classic, casual, summer sandals, etc.) As of 2019, the company launches a new brand of youth shoes. The company offers genuine leather and fabric with a unique design.

In the production process, designers experiment with the appearance of future products, equipping them with a leather surface, thin or thick sole, a variety of lacing, and decor.
Shoes are as comfortable as possible. The soft lining of the tongue comfortably covers the arch of the foot without forming folds. The sole is flexible, light, and elastic.

The Ukrainian company designs and develops its shoes from scratch, passing through all the stages of manufacture from concept, through sourcing all the raw materials required (leathers, heels etc.), to producing the finished product. The company uses soft Italian leather and paint in its production. Also, only modern equipment is used for the production of shoes.

The company’s manufacturing capacity is about 1000 pairs of shoes from leather and about 70-100 pairs of shoes from leather with hand-painted design per month.

The firm wants to build international recognition of its brand and products thus it is looking for foreign partners that would help market them. They are particularly interested in the cooperation under the distribution services agreement with fashion boutiques specialised in high-end fashion shoes for man, designer shops, luxury department stores, online distributors focused on designer footwear. The partner will be responsible for promoting the products on a local market and retailing them to the final customers. The role of the company will be, in turn, designing and producing new collections, arranging deliveries to the distributors, dealing with warranties, branding activities in a global context and social media activities.

Advantages & innovations

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- exclusive technology in the painting of shoes; - individual design; - only natural and high-quality materials (leather crust, natural lining from beef leather) is being used during the production of shoes; - the production is handmade; - the staff of this company has adequate capacity and experience.

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Already on the market

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The partner sought is a company from any EU country that needs leather footwear for distribution. The partnership sought is a distribution agreement for any of the products. The conditions of the contract will be established upon negotiation.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,SME 51-250