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Ukrainian manufacturer of natural sorbent glauconite for purification of water and soil environments from technogenic pollutants is looking for distribution services agreement

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The Ukrainian company is specialized in production of natural glauconite sorbent. Such sorbent is intended for cleaning water and soil environments from technogenic pollutants . As a result of the company's research, an optimal technological scheme for obtaining a granular sorbent was created, which is intended to be used as a filtering and sorption bedding. The collaboration would be in the frame of a distribution services agreement or commercial agency agreement.



The Ukrainian company which was founded in 2009 is the only one in Ukraine and one of the few in the world that is engaged in the extraction and processing of the natural glauconite mineral with high sorption capacity. In connection with the problems of environmental protection, the use of the adsorption and cation exchange properties of glauconite for the absorption of various harmful substances from water and soil is considerable interest. The issues of protection of underground waters from radioactive contamination are of great sanitary importance. The high sorbing properties of glauconite make it possible to recommend them as sorbents for the purification of radioactive waters and the extraction of bivalent and trivalent cations from industrial plants. Glauconite is an effective sorbent for cationic dyes of nonionic surfactants and can be recommended for wastewater treatment of textile enterprises. There is evidence that glauconite is an active absorber of various organophosphate, organochlorine, sulfur-containing pesticides. Pesticides are known to be powerful pest and disease control agents, but have a highly undesirable tendency to accumulate in soils. Glauconite sorbent has a high capacity for pyridine, phenol and naphthenic acids. This allows to recommend it as a selective sorbent for the purification of oil products and other substances from harmful impurities.

Therefore, they are looking for companies that operate or provide services in the oil and gas industry, metallurgy, textile, agricultural, energy, chemical and in general in those industries that deal with environmental protection under distribution services agreement.
Furthermore, the company looks for partners under commercial agency agreement in order to promote its products in local markets.

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The properties of glauconite make it a versatile sorbent • Has a natural origin. Safe for humans. • Insoluble in water • Applicable for any surfaces. Collects petroleum products from any soil, metal, stone. Absorbs and neutralizes film from water. • Does not burn and is not dangerous in fire. It can be used to extinguish fires. • Not soluble by acids • Withstands low temperatures. In the cold it does not lose its properties and does not freeze. • Environmentally friendly. Does not violate the natural ecological balance with prolonged stay in the soil. There are all permits, analysis results, certificates for the products, in particular, a conclusion of the adsorption test conducted at the research center of the Mining Institute (Poland). Also, the Ukrainian company is at the stage of active development and expansion. Much attention is paid to the development of relations with partners and the provision of quality production. Furthermore, there is a daily work on the introduction of advanced technologies both in production and in sales.

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The company is looking for partners to distribute the product – glauconite sorbent- on the international market. The companies providing services in the oil and gas industry, metallurgy, textile, agricultural, energy, chemical and in general in those industries that deal with environmental protection would be preferable partners. Role: In the distribution services agreement it is expected from the partner to distribute the products on its respective market through established distribution channels and connections to local specialized companies. Under commercial agency agreement, the company looks for commercial agents to promote its products in local markets.


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