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Ukrainian manufacturer of sportswear seeks distributors and offers bespoke sportswear under manufacturing agreements

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The Ukrainian company seeks a long-term distribution or manufacturing agreement with potential partners. The organization is interested in manufacturing sportswear (for boxing, fitness, running, pankration and other kinds of sports) and sports accessories for other companies. The company already has a presence in foreign markets and is able to offer the European level of quality by using European fabrics and high-quality raw materials.



The Ukrainian company was founded in 2013. The enterprise has more than 3 years of experience in manufacturing of the sportswear and accessories for all categories of customers: men, women, and children.
It is an international trademark, that wins customers' appreciation all over the world from year to year. The organization cooperates with local shops, internet platforms, sports clubs, sports federation and export production in more than 10 countries (Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Greece, Austria, Netherlands and the other).
The company is developing through increasing use of private labeling – manufacture products with individual customers' wishes, it may be a photo, drawing model, end-product. Responsible branches seek that product coincides with customer wishes and expectations. The provision sample is a necessary condition. The production department chooses a needful raw material for perfect final production.
The company is improving results and has future plans to expand production capabilities and is increasing levels of service. The organization is going to open an office in Lithuania with the warehouse of products.
The main goal of the company is to increase its sales through contracting of the distribution agreement with distributors of the sportswear and accessories. The company is also interested in producing sportswear for other companies under their own brands (private label).

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The company has: - protocol testing approved laboratory according to requirements ISO/IES 17025:2006 for sports clothes and the special equipment produced by the company (actual till 10.01.2019); - certificate of origin for each category of products (leggings, shorts, compression clothes). The company is an international trademark, that wins customers' appreciation all over the world every year. The enterprise always seeks to create a high-quality product. The company is using the innovative technology of the sewing and technology for the printing on the textile. The company is a full-cycle sewing production: design creation, construction, and pattern production. The manufacturer is ready for the different sizes and complexity of orders (from min 30 pieces).

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Already on the market

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The potential partners of the company are distributors of sportswear and accessories under the trademark of the company store (warehouse) or internet platform). And the company is interested in production sportswear by another registered trademark.

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SME 11-50,>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250