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A Ukrainian manufacturer of thermal clothing seeks distribution and commercial agents

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Clothing, shoes and accessories (including jewellery)
Manufacture of underwear


This Ukrainian company has been established in 2013 year and is a well-respected producer of high-quality thermal underwear and thermal clothing. The assortment of the company's products for men, women and children consists of the following areas of use: thermal underwear for military, fishing and hunting, mountaineering, sun-protective, winter sports. The company seeks partners for commercial agency agreements or distribution services agreements in Europe and beyond.



The Ukrainian company specialises in production and distribution of high-quality thermal clothing for the military, fishing and hunting, mountaineering, sun-protective, winter sports.

The company is a large Ukrainian manufacturer of thermal clothing and thermal underwear. It uses high-quality and high-tech raw materials from world producers, which allow it to operate clothes in all weather conditions, while feeling comfortable and not constrained.

Fabrics that the company uses to make clothes and thermal underwear:
- American-made fabrics used for making thermal underwear;
- German insulation for outerwear;
- high-quality nylon for insulating clothing made in Japan;
- Cordura / Nylon, delivered from South Korea, allow the use of products in the corners of the earth with the harshest climatic conditions: Himalayas, Kamchatka, Andorra, Antarctica, Kola Peninsula and others.

In addition to its unique protective and practical properties, the company's products are stylish and versatile. The manufacturer's clothing was created with the support of experienced experts in extreme tourism. Having experienced a lot of clothes from analogue firms and clearly realizing what is necessary in different weather conditions for full protection, there was a clear understanding of what the products of the Ukrainian company should be. These same experts created thermal underwear kits were tested in real weather conditions and in different climatic zones. The assortment of products thermal underwear from the manufacturer is made in the range from the smallest sizes XXS and to high-grade XXXL, and also is divided into several segments: for men and women, for children, equipment for special forces. Affordable cost for high quality the company expose its goods for sale at an affordable price for buyers of domestic and foreign markets.

The company’s products can be found in classical thermal clothing trading, mail order shopping catalogues and online shops too. In these distribution channels, the company is seeking specialised trading partners for all three product lines in Europe and beyond. Its co-operation partner will benefit from products ‚Made in Ukraine‘, customised design in brand or private label area, client-specific packaging, fast delivery times as well as a highly motivated team working towards to realise respective customer needs. The company is offering commercial agency agreements or distribution services agreements to partners who are interested to represent the company and its products.

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Design, production, logistics and sale form a unit - provide the basis for the business success of the company and it’s partners, at home and abroad. Modern manufacturing in Ukraine guarantees highest flexibility and promptness. The company’s online shop can be used for B2B and B2C clients for foreign markets, too. As of late, the company also offers drop shipping.

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Already on the market

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Sought distribution partner for commercial agency agreements or distribution services agreements: Type: Trading or distribution company / commercial agency with established contacts in the sports and/or medical supplies sector. The partner needs to have local market knowledge. Task: Distribution of the company’s products via one of the following distribution channels – wholesale and retail industry, mail order shopping, online shops.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,SME 51-250