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Ukrainian manufacturing company of architectural decor is looking for a long-term cooperation with EU construction companies and distrubutors to cooperate under the manufacturing or distribution agreement

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Ukrainian manufacturer has 17 years of experience in the production of decor from high-strength, environmentally friendly gypsum building plaster of any artistic and architectural complexity. The assortment of goods consists of 50 articles. The company provides accessory materials of its own production for the installation and painting of architectural decor. The company is interested in manufacturing or distribution agreements with partners from EU countries.



The Ukrainian company produces gypsum stucco molding from high-strength, environmentally friendly gypsum. It does not emit harmful substances, is non-flammable and hypoallergenic. Plaster molding helps maintain an optimal indoor climate by absorbing excess moisture if necessary or returning it when the air becomes dry. Plaster is easy to repair or restore. In case of minor damage to the elements, which does not require replacement, the craftsmen restore it on site. Plaster stucco molding is used for both interior and exterior decoration of buildings. Plaster decorative elements are not subject to shrinkage and are not susceptible to temperature extremes. Gypsum is resistant to aging.
The Ukrainian manufacturer makes plaster moldings of any artistic complexity: moldings, cornices, columns, pilasters, capitals, balusters, caryatids, barillefs, panels, coats of arms. The company can produce high-quality stucco moldings both from the catalogue (standard), and exclusive - according to the drawings of architects, designers in the shortest possible time. The company has its own designer who can easily model any gypsum element at the request of the client.
The company has large industrial facilities with modern equipment and production area of over 800 m2. For the manufacture of gypsum stucco moldings the enterprise uses silicone molds and steel matrices. In the manufacture of dimensional large elements the qualified personnel pre-create a computer model, then using a computer numerical controlled machine they cut a foam part from a solid block of high-density polystyrene foam. Then, using a steel matrix, they form the final product from the gypsum. Thus, the company can produce large, lightweight products that are easy to install. The Ukrainian enterprise collaborates with clients from CIS-countries.
The Ukrainian manufacturer wants to expand its market and offer distribution service and manufacturing agreements.

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Advantages of the company in combining the secrets of the old craft with modern technologies and materials. 1. The lightness of products and ease of installation 2. Durability (up to 100 years) 3. Extensive production experience allows the company to produce gypsum stucco moldings without bubbles, shells, chipping. The corners and flutes of the products are sharp and smooth.

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Already on the market

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Type of agreement: manufacturing or distribution agreement. The company is interested in cooperation with construction companies, architect bureaus and distrubutors. In the case of a distribution service agreement, the producer is looking for partners that will be responsible for selling its products in the local markets. The potential business partner could be trading companies such as suppliers of building materials, construction companies, architect bureaus etc. In case of manufacturing agreement, the company is offering private label products for supply chains or any other companies that are interested in building materials and fa├žade decor manufacturing.

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SME 11-50,SME 51-250