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A Ukrainian powder coating equipment and metal sheet products producer is looking for distribution or manufacturing agreements

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The Ukrainian company is a well-known producer of powder coating equipment, electrotechnical cabinets, telecommunication equipment and metal sheet products. The company is looking for distribution services or manufacturing agreements to produce high-quality products at its production facilities.



The Ukrainian manufacturing and engineering company was founded in 1999. The main direction is the manufacture of modern equipment for powder coating, which has the best energy-saving characteristics and the best in the price-quality ratio. The company uses economical furnaces with low consumption of the electricity in the reflow mode (from 0.5 kW per hour).
The company can provide a wide range of services in the field of powder coating and produce all the necessary equipment to obtain a high-quality polymer coating.
The powder coating booths developed by experts of the company allow not only the economical use of powder paint but also create all the conditions for the efficient operation of the operator.
The company is offering products such as:
- Powder coating booths.
The booth is intended for the deposition of polymer powder materials on products from metals and non-metals with the aim of further forming coatings in reflow furnaces.
- Polymerization furnaces.
The furnace is intended for the melting and polymerization of powder paint applied to parts made of metals and alloys.
- Manual spraying settings.
Spraying setting is intended for the manual process of applying powder materials to metal and alloy products.
- Transport systems, reloader, and carriages.
Transport systems and devices are intended for manual operations mechanization for moving parts (products) in the area of powder coatings.
More than 200 completed paint lines confirm the company's experience and expertise.
The Ukrainian company also produce:
- Cabinets of one-side service IP40
- Cabinets of one-side service IP54
- Cabinets of two-side service IP40
- Cabinets of two-side service IP54
- Cabinet accessories
- Nonstandard cabinets
- Technological containers
- Battery cabinets to the UPS
- Technological cabinets
- Terminal enclosures
- Component parts for railway wagons
- Furniture transformation mechanisms
- Metal doors
- Other custom manufacturing.
The company has a full production cycle carried out using:
-laser cutting machine
-fiber optic laser power
-guillotine shears
- press sheet breaker
-turning and milling park
-welding posts
-coating equipment using high-quality powders.

The company is interested in a partnership with companies in the construction industry under the distribution services agreement. Within an agreement, the future partner should obtain the company's production for further distribution on the international market. The potential partner will widen its product range and get new clients. The expected result is to develop new markets in Europe and to increase the company’s income.
Cooperation can also be carried out under manufacturing agreement, the company can either produce under specifications or offer own solutions. Their production capacity allows them to handle new orders according to the client's needs.

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- More than 20 years of experience. More than 200 equipment lines working nowadays. - Own design department. The high-quality specialist working on construction developments. - Full production cycle. Making an opportunity for the best market price. - More than 200 powder coating lines. The experience that allows implementing the project in the shortest time with high quality and continuous improvement. - Service level and support - Technical support, warranty, and post-warranty service, staff training.

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Already on the market

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The company is looking for partners among: 1. Dealers who need to manufacture products under their brand (telecommunication cabinets, electrical cabinets, battery cabinets, terminal enclosures, component parts for railway wagons and other metal products). 2. Dealers who are ready to offer a range of solutions under the brand name of the company. Distribution services agreement - the company seeks distributors, who would like to distribute its products on the European markets. Manufacturing agreement - the company is willing to manufacture its products tailored to the foreign partners needs.

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SME 11-50,>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250