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A Ukrainian producer of dried fruit and fruit candies seeks distributors

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Health food
Other processing and preserving of fruit and vegetables


A Ukrainian company from Kiev specialised in production and supplying of wide range of dried fruits including plums, apples, pears and others is interested in finding distributors of healthy food in EU countries. In order to meet new customers at new markets, the company is looking for partners under distribution services agreement.



The Ukrainian manufacturer of dried fruit was established in 2010. A short while later company became one of the most famous company in Ukraine with it's high quality products. It takes care of each production step by using the highest quality of packaging and delivery methods for their clients across Ukraine. The company is situated at the north part of country and has 8 years of experience in production and supplying of dried fruits.

The main strategic features of the company are; quality, cleanliness, naturalness, stability and honesty. The products of the company are fruit candies, dried plums, dried apples, dried pears, dried peachs, dried currant, dried raspberry, dried strawberry. Currently the company’s products are sold in local market through distributing partners.

Drying technology (infrared radiation) at low temperature (40-60° С) allows to keep vitamins, natural color, taste and aroma of dried products. Products obtained as a result of infrared drying doesn't require any special storage conditions. Within a year, the products can be stored without special containers (with low humidity of the environment), while the loss of vitamins will be no more than 5-15%. In a sealed container the product can be stored for up to two years.

The Ukrainian company is interested in distribution of natural organic products. The company has well regulated, stable production of organic dried fruits and would like to present and sell them on the international market. According to this, it is looking for distributors of the similar products to conclude the distribution services agreement.

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The company has several advantages: • Unique receips of producing.; • No chemicals are used during the production process; • Products’ quality control; • Manufacturing ecological orientation; • The production has organic certification; • High quality manufacturing in all phases; • Dried fruits are packaged in vacuum packages, which prevents the production from spoiling.

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Already on the market

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A potential partners (SME) should have an experience in food sector and distributions of dried fruits. The company is looking for a potential partner with developed sales network and good contacts with consumers of fruit products. For example, partners can be grocery stores or supermarket chains specialized in import/sales of natural/organic products are sought for distribution services agreement.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500