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Ukrainian producer of natural premium sweets is looking for importers and distributors

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Natural sweets manufacturer from Ukraine offers premium quality candies, a big variety of handmade chocolate bars, fruits and drops in chocolate, chocolate figures and sets, healthy energy bars and marmalade. The company specializes in using only natural ingredients, without substitutes of cocoa butter, artificial dyes and preservatives. The firm intends to expand export sales and is looking for new importers, distributors and retailers in European and other markets for distribution agreements.



This Ukrainian factory has been working at natural sweets segment more than 15 years.
Today company is developing successfully in five areas: chocolate bars and figures, Eastern sweets, chocolate and creamy candies, marmalade and energy bars.
A lot of attention is paid on the ingredient quality and naturalness.
The chocolate products are made using high-quality cocoa from world suppliers, high degree of purification of cocoa butter and cocoa liquor, lack of substitutes of cocoa butter, handmade by experienced chocolates.
Energy bars are natural sugar free products, made by «cold press» technology, that allows to keep safe all fruit vitamins and minerals.
Gelling base of marmalade's is useful pectin.
Some of chocolate bars have European organic certificates. Most of all products are gluten free.
Artificial dyes and flavourings are forbidden to apply in production according to factory policy.
The company can create exclusive and refined chocolate products.
The factory has good experience of fruitful cooperation with customers under private label (more than 500 SKU), including all stages from the ideas to the exclusive products delivery under partner’s brand to the warehouse.
The company take part in world confectionery fairs and looking for new partners - importers, distributors and retailers for distribution services agreement.

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The most important advantages are:  The company philosophy is fully consistent with the consumer trend to lead a healthy lifestyle, so only natural ingredients without artificial dyes and preservatives are applied;  Natural food products produced under hygienic conditions with no additives  Some of chocolates bars are organic (European certification)  The products don’t contain gluten;  Cooperation with international supplier of cocoa liquor and cocoa butter;  Considers the possibility of changing the packaging, tastes, and aromas, depending on the desire of the client.  Handmade products, indicating the identity of each item;  Experience in private label. The company develops and trains all employees of the company to meet the highest standards, attracting and retaining highly qualified professionals. The company quality system is HACCP, ISO 22000.

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The company is searching for established partners (importers, distributors and retailers of foodstuff). The experience in premium food segment is important.