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Ukrainian producer of pressed juices and fresh apples is looking for a distributor

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The Ukrainian manufacturer of directly pressed juices based on the apple juice and direct supplier of fresh apples is looking for sales partners under a distribution services agreement to expand trading worldwide.



The company has been operating in Ukraine and neighboring countries since 2005 and from 2019 its business sector includes apples sorting and producing directly pressed apple juice. The company supplies different varieties of fresh apples to supermarket chains of Ukraine and wholesalers. Modern equipment makes it possible to calibrate and sort the fruits according to many criteria: weight, color, the presence of external damage. This allows not only to get apples of the same size but also to remove low-quality goods from the general flow.
All the apples are washed in the special pool of the sorting line. At the same time garbage and damaged fruits are removed and then apples are moved to the next working place where they are dried in the ventilation unit so that dust does not stick to the wet apple and there are no large errors in weighing of the fruits. Then each fruit goes to the fruit cup on the conveyor belt to pass through electronic sorting according to the specified parameters and after that fruits are delivered to the exits for further packaging according to the customer’s request – it can be bushel box of 18 kg with/ without Modified Atmosphere bag and with/without absorber for the shipping, open tray of 12-13 kg with two layers for truck delivery or simple veneer box for local supermarket.
Directly-squeezed juice is 100% natural juice, it is healthy combination of taste and nutrients, it is rich in trace elements and vitamins which is especially important in the winter season. After careful selection, exclusively ripe fruits undergo intensive washing and then go to a pneumatic press, where juice is squeezed out of them and then filtered and immediately bottled or filled into bag-in-box. To ensure microbiological sterility, as well as to preserve nutrients and vitamins, the juice is pasteurized in a gentle mode at a temperature of about 80 °. It is not sterilized, which means saving maximum benefit and taste in the juice. This Not from Concentrate juice is made from green and yellow varieties of apples, processed separately to make it as hypoallergenic as possible. The volume of bag-in-box differs from 1,5 to 220 liters.
The Ukrainian manufacturer is looking for long-term cooperation under the distribution agreement. It is preferable that future partners are involved in the distribution for the supermarket chains or large-scale retail trade.

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Quality and ecological properties of goods are the main criteria to consider along with the good name, as the company’s reputation is something that has been always cared about. The focus is on a healthy lifestyle as it is suitable, good, and useful for all people without exception in spite of religion, eating habits, or place of living. That is why the Ukrainian company as a food business has implemented systems and procedures in accordance with HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) standards and obtained the certificate DSTU ISO 220000:2007 referring to food safety management systems Modernized apple sorting line of the company makes it possible to wash and calibrate fresh apples and then pack them into bushel boxes or open trays with two layers. Modern juice production equipment allows us to produce 100% natural directly-squeezed juices without any additives in the form of water, sugar, coloring agents, GMOs or preservatives. Special tap prevents contact with oxygen thus prolonging the shelf life of the juice and making usage of this packaging even suitable for little children.

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The Ukrainian company is looking for long-term cooperation under the distribution agreement. It is preferable that future partners are involved in the distribution for the supermarket chains or large-scale retail trade.

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