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Ukrainian producer of shockproof insulated containers of various sizes with a predicted temperature regime is looking for distributors

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The Ukrainian company is a big manufacturer of shockproof insulated containers of various sizes with a predicted temperature regime. The company also is an expert in the transportation and temporary storage of medical immunobiological and pharmaceuticals, clinical trials, as well as blood components on all stages of the cold chain within the good distribution practice (GDP) and good manufacturing practice (GMP) systems. The Ukrainian manufacturer is looking for distributors.



The Ukrainian company is serving the entire Ukrainian market, starting to supply the markets of Europe, Africa, the Middle East with systems for the transportation and temporary storage of thermolabile preparations, as well as blood components at all levels of the cold chain, such as insulated containers, insulated boxes, insulated bags, icepacks, refrigerators, etc.
Its clients are Bayer, Farmak, BaDM, Optima Pharma, Biopharma, and many others.
The feature of the company is the high quality of products, guarantee, service, personnel training, as well as an individual systematic approach to each client.
The producer can customize products for the most difficult routes while maintaining any required temperature conditions or cover the needs of existing mass-produced products: from branded passive insulated containers with a monitoring system to disposable one-way shipping systems.

In addition to production, the company provides the following services:
• audit for compliance with GDP / GMP standards of the existing quality system and engineering systems with a detailed report and recommendations for eliminating non-conformities;
• engineering of an original warehouse/production project or a project for the reconstruction of an existing one to bring it into compliance with GDP / GMP;
• validation of processes, engineering systems, and equipment;

The company is looking for distributors of its production: shockproof insulated containers, insulated bags, disposable insulated boxes, pharmaceutical insulated boxes, temperature recorders, cold accumulators, refrigerators.
The company's basic aim is to grow and expand its portfolio by reaching distribution agreements with mainly European manufacturers of this kind of medical products.

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The Ukrainian company has an individualized approach to each client and a full range of services for the development, production/supply, and after-sales service of systems for the transportation and storage of thermolabile products. The company branded shockproof insulated containers were developed upon the order of Ukrainian pharmaceutical companies under GDP standards. The company is also ready to manufacture products according to the individual requests, taking into account all requirements and wishes. The company provides free validation for each purchased insulated container that was made per the required technical specification. Guarantee: Ukrainian producer is confident in the perfect quality of its products, so it provides a guarantee – 2 years per batch. The estimated service life is 10 years. The company provides repair service, returning 100% recovered product.

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The company is looking for pharmaceutical distributors, who deal with products, that have to be transported and stored in the predicted temperature regime. The company wants to build a partnership for strong cooperation on the market. The company offers a distribution services agreement.

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