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Ukrainian sewing company provides services of sewing top of the shoe, bags, uniform clothes, other medium and hard materials sewing under subcontracting agreement.

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Advanced Textile Materials
Textile fibres
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Woven technical textiles for industrial applications
Textiles (synthetic and natural)
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Manufacture of workwear
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The Ukrainian sewing company specialize is sewing of hard and medium-hard materials, like textile and leather, to manufactured shoe uppers, bags, purses, backpacks, uniform clothes and army sewed equipment, gloves, etc. The company is searching for partners who will order сutting and sewing services - by client samples. The company manufactures – complete products or partial product , depending on client needs. The company wants to cooperate under subcontracting.



The Ukrainian company is situated in the western part of Ukraine in well accommodated and developed area where the international roads are directly accessible. During business history company is proud to earn trust among textile and haberdashery producers based on many years experience. Well regulated, automated and controlled processes alongside with the quality continuous control result in high-quality products produce with accordance to customer criteria. The company is custom accredited and has a right for international businesses. The company has worked with abroad partners and world brands . Company works only with wholesale customers and does mass tailoring. In case of customer needs, the company is flexible to changing, renovation or expansion of current equipment.

The company also can provide specialist for learning of customer needs, work specifics and processes.
The company works exclusively with wholesale customers and sews large quantities. The company is ready to refit or upgrade (expand) according to customer needs.
The company uses the latest technology and equipment. If necessary, the company is ready to provide its workers, for more detailed training of the specifics of the customer's work.

Customer provides materials , patterns , requirements, information base, design and company provide products based on that according to contract.
The company guarantee confidentiality and intellectual property protection.
The company production is 300-500 samples a day.

The company wants to cooperate under subcontracting.

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Custom accreditation and permission to perform international businesses, flexibility for the customer needs and mobility, that allows to re-organize production processes for the various production models. Company has several departments and locations. That allows to produce several types of products simultaneously or just parallel processing (gluing, painting, forming, laminating) The company have a contacts with logistics companies that allows to find best ways of delivery material from customer and ready products back to customer. Experience is 9 years in sewing business. Equipment was renewed and changed for new for 70 % in 2019.

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The company is looking for a stable customer who needs a partner for sewing the shoe uppers, bags, shoes, work-wear. The company prefers a customer who can provide orders throughout the year under subcontracting agreement.

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SME 11-50,SME 51-250