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A Ukrainian SME offers the technology of dry contact cleaning of industrial emissions from acidic impurities.

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A Ukrainian SME has developed technology for dry scrubbing of industrial emissions. The advantages of technology are its simplicity, efficiency and economy. The SME seeks partners for the joint implementation of the technology. The partnership is possible on the basis of financial agreement or joint venture agreement.



Pollution of atmospheric air by anthropogenic emissions of harmful substances is a constant current problem for industry. Due to the growing pollution of the atmosphere, the requirements for enterprises regarding the purity of emissions are constantly increasing. It encourages enterprises to improve and complicate waste gas cleaning systems. And this, accordingly, leads to a rise in prices for products. Therefore, the search for cleaning technologies that are effective but cheaper than existing ones is relevant.

Ukrainian SME has experience in development and implementation of topical technological solutions for reducing anthropogenic emissions of harmful substances offers such technology and seeks partners for joint activities, including the production of equipment, its installation and maintenance, marketing research and the search for customers for the use of dry contact cleaning technology.

The proposed technology is based on the topochemical reaction, that is, on the interaction of gas impurities with active chemical components deposited on a solid surface (working body). High activity of the working body is ensured by the presence of dispersed active components and a developed surface of reaction in the form of a porous structure.

The technology has a temperature range of application from 15 ° C to 300 ° C and allows to effectively reduce the concentration of acidic impurities in industrial emissions, including sulfur compounds and inorganic acids.

The technology can be used to clean from acidic impurities:
• ventilation gases in the sites of etching and galvanic baths;
• emissions of electroslag metallurgical furnaces;
• technological gases of glass production plants;
• emissions of various chemical and petrochemical industries;
• emissions in the process of manufacturing ceramic products and in other processes that are accompanied by emission of acid gases.

The effectiveness of this technology has been demonstrated and tested on several enterprises in Ukraine.
The reason why the SME is looking for partners is because they are now ready to implement its technologies internationally. The international cooperation they are looking for is via financial agreement with financing of technology implementation or joint venture with the equipment production, installation and maintenance.

Advantages & innovations

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Advantages of technology: • Does not form liquid wastewater. • Reduces environmental payments of a particular company. • Facilitates the "greening" of produced products. • Has low power consumption. • The equipment occupies little space and does not require permanent maintenance personnel. • Easy to operate. • Easy to install and maintain in comparison with competitive solutions. • The waste material of the working body can be safely disposed of in an environmentally sound manner.

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Available for demonstration

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Desirable partnerships: • Financial agreement with investment or venture funds interested in investing in the application of the proposed technology of dry contact cleaning of industrial emissions from acidic impurities. • Joint venture agreement with companies involved in the design, manufacture and installation of gas purification equipment for intermediate technological cycles and for the treatment of final emissions of industrial enterprises. • Commercial agency agreement with profile companies involved in monitoring and marketing regarding the state and demand for compliance with the emission standards of industrial pollutants and applied technology solutions. • Desirable partners also are: i. companies - manufacturers of technological furnaces, waste heaters, solid fuel boilers - for the possible integrated use of the proposed cleaning technology; ii. enterprises - air pollutants that are interested in using the proposed technological solution

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SME 11-50,R&D Institution,SME <10,251-500,SME 51-250,>500