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A Ukrainian SME specialized in metal structures and metal parts manufacturing is looking for a manufacturing or subcontracting agreements

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Manufacture of metal structures and parts of structures


The Ukrainian manufacturing SME, located in Middle of Ukraine, is specializing in metal machining, stamping, cutting, welding, metal milling, plasma cutting, etc. They can design and manufacture all the elements in accordance with the client’s individual requirements. The company offers subcontracting and manufacturing agreement to potential partners.



The Ukrainian SME established in 1939 specializes in metal processing. It possesses all necessary equipment and machinery, including bridge crane in the whole production hall, press brake for folding hot rolling sheet and cold rolling sheet, plasma for cutting profiles with full and empty iron, stable saw for cutting metal, oxygenic line for cutting hot rolled sheet metal, CO2 appliances digestion, stable drill, trucks, motor vehicles and cranes as well as other smaller machines.

The SME offers next manufacturing services:
- metal machining (metal milling 900х500х1000mm and weight up to 9000kg);
- plasma metal cutting thickness from 1mm till 100mm, sizes of metal sheet 1500х6000mm;
- guillinate cutting of metal sheet thickness up to 6mm and width up to 3000mm;
- bending metal parts up to 6mm and length up to 2500mm;
- rolling parts production from a sheet of thicknesses: 6mm, size: 2000x6000mm;
- rolling of a corner, channel;
- metal machining on universal lathes of medium complexity;
- presswork based on customer designed shapes;
- welding work on different welding machines and the manufacture of metal constructions;
- spot welding of parts and assemblies;
- sandblasting of small and large-sized products and structures;
- painting products (included powder painting) including large structures.

The SME exports its product to Poland, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Moldova, Turkmenia, Azerbaijan. The manufacturer has ISO (International Organization for Standardization) certificate.

The company offers subcontracting and manufacturing agreement of metal products. Subcontracting services are offered to companies that are not able to produce specific welded-construction components or semi-products and search for companies with skilled personnel and know-how or need subcontractor for high volume orders. Manufacturing services are offered to the companies that need specific products made by the use of shot-blasting, material cutting, welding or painting services.

The company wants to expand their business on other markets thus is looking for partners to cooperate through subcontracting or manufacturing agreement.

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- More than 80 years of experience in metalworking. - Experienced staff and a well-equipped machine park. - Possibility of rapid adjustment to the production of new products. - ISO Certificates. - The SME designs, manufactures all the elements in accordance with the client’s individual requirements.

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The company is offering both manufacturing agreements as well as subcontracting activities for foreign partners in the field of steel parts, metal assemblies and welded constructions. For manufacturing agreements, the company is looking for companies to manufacture according to the individual needs of potential partners (mass production, SME or larger companies). For subcontracting agreements, the company is open to act as subcontractor for the companies (SMEs or larger companies) to produce steel parts, metal assemblies and welded constructions to the contractual arrangements.


Plasma and Hydraulic press brake machine


Semi-Automatic Horizontal Bandsaw and Plasma cutting