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Ukrainian startup that produces an innovative beeswax bio-packaging and gift products is looking for a distributor, an agent or a food manufacturer

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Ukrainian manufacturer produces a multi-purpose food and gift product. The product is based on a patented innovative technology for the production of 100% beeswax bio-packaging. All products are environmentally friendly, bio-degradable, and can be recycled. Today, the company enters foreign markets and seeks partnerships within distribution services, manufacturing, or commercial agency agreements.



The company was founded in 2018 and the first year was devoted to research activities of creating equipment for the production of molds and process debugging. The first successful sample of the jar was cast in February 2019 with serial production launched in August 2019. Most of the production processes are automated, only the sealing of can membranes after a filling is carried out manually. At the moment, the company packs pure acacia honey produced in Ukraine, while technologically company is not limited by the type of content. It is possible to pack other types of content: jams, preserves, spreads, and even liquids, and the company's engineers are also researching the compatibility of beeswax packaging with cosmetics. Some of the forms provided with wooden nameplates and it is possible to burn out the client's logo on it. Ready-made products are packed in micro-corrugated cardboard packaging, which can also be branded according to the customer's identity. The company developed and patented a technology for bio-packaging production from natural beeswax. Today the company is at the stage of certification of beeswax packaging as material for food products in the Polish laboratory. At this moment the company has already certified according to HACCP ISO 22000, as well as Kosher and Halal. The Ukrainian producer is ready to pass any certifications required. Beeswax is a natural preservative, and the production technology allows jars to give strength and almost any shape, the packaging can be used for fruit jams, dietary supplements, natural cosmetics, and even alcoholic tincture of ginseng (the company had such experience). The manufacture carries out laboratory and field studies of compliance with the requirements of each specific product storage.
It is a great product for premium food retailers as well as for honey producers. The company is able to produce tailor-made jars shapes and brand boxes according to a customer's identity. Not only honey but also bulk and even liquid products can be packaged in companies' jars.
After consumption, jars can serve as containers for the same honey, jam, sugar, etc. In a jar, it is possible to plant a small houseplant. Beeswax can be used for needlework - to make a candle, Florentine sachet, etc. At the very least, it is possible to leave a used jar on the shelf, because it always smells like natural beeswax, and a customer can get light aromatherapy that soothes and relaxes.
The producer considers several directions of cooperation:
1. Products supply (acacia honey in beeswax packaging) as corporate gifts with branded packaging according to the customer's identity, as well as with the manufacturing of new jars molds upon request;
2. Distribution contracts for ready-made products (acacia honey in beeswax packaging) for hi-end grocery chains, duty-free, eco-shops, hotels, etc.
3. Supply of empty cans and membranes for producers of honey and other groceries.
It is ready to conclude a distribution services agreement, manufacturing agreement or commercial agency agreement.

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The company invented and patented exclusive technology for the production of bio-packaging from 100% beeswax. Beeswax jars are eco-friendly, biodegradable and could be recycled. It is possible to produce tailor-made jars shapes and brand boxes according to customers’ design and identities.

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There are several directions of partnership that the Ukrainian company is looking for: • Marketing and advertising agencies who offer business supplies, corporate and promotional gifts; • Distributors and food retailers; • Eco-friendly and sustainable retail stores; • HoReCa distributors; • Food and other manufacturers who use sustainable packaging; • Beekeepers and manufacturers of honey products; As for types of contracts, the company is ready to conclude distribution services agreement, manufacturing agreement or commercial agency agreement.

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SME 11-50,>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500