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Ukrainian woodworking company specializing in manufactured wood products looking for a partner to implement joint projects and orders

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Erosion, Removal (spark erosion, flame cutting, laser, ..)
Forest technology
Wood Products
Office furniture and other professional furnishings
Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing, Animal Husbandry & Related Products
Manufacture of construction materials, components and systems
Manufacture of office and shop furniture
Manufacture of other furniture


The Ukrainian company offers timber supply of the required products from: - board, - veneer, - lamellae, - wooden shields. The company produces wooden billets, furniture components, wooden stairs, doors, wall decor, wooden 3D panels. It is looking for partners using wood and its components for cooperation and supply of products from Ukraine under a manufacturing agreement, or through subcontracting.



The Ukrainian company manufactures a variety of wood-based products. The company are ready to be flexible and re-skilled to activities and equipment for the production of products according to request.

The company uses woodworking equipment of famous brands. The company has the opportunity to increase production by expanding production areas and building new workshops.

The existing woodworking equipment allows to dry the wood with the full control of humidity. Performed cutting, planing, milling, grinding operations. Lacquering occurs in professional varnish sections with intermediate hand grinding and quality control. The products and components are made in the quantity and processing required according to request.
In case it is not possible to technically execute the order on its own, it will be implemented in a complex manner under control on other production facilities in Ukraine.

The company is looking for a partner in the production of distributor of wood and furniture:
cabinet furniture,
decoration items,
wooden components and wooden billets.

The company can serve as the organizer and coordinator of the work of other Ukrainian contractors and act as an exporter of products and wood for order.

The company wants to conclude manufacturing agreements, because the company aims to load the design department, ensure the work of production facilities and executes serial orders.

The motivation of the company to cooperate under the subcontract agreement is that the customer will form a complex and large order of the same type of products.

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-The company possesses modern technological equipment for drying wood, and joinery equipment of leading suppliers for the manufacture of wood products. -Production productivity is achieved by the distribution of production processes between different production areas and people. -The rational price of the finished product is achieved by the availability of the material and its low purchase price. -The company is focused on exporting products and further development through co-operation and joint projects. -Also available laser CNC machines for the manufacture of small and precise products. -Personnel with 12 years of experience in the field of woodworking, design department. -The company have a registered trademark and distribution network of products in Ukraine. -The company is a member of several associations and unions that help to carry out warehousing.

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Type: Furniture manufacturer, distributor, woodworking association, furniture makers association Role: The company is looking for a production or trading company. reliable partners working in the field of production or distribution of furniture and wood products. A potential partner should be interested in making orders for development and manufacturing both the finished product and individual components from the wood for further fitting into the final product.

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SME 11-50,251-500,SME 51-250,>500


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