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Ultra-powerful torchlight for both civilian and military applications

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A French SME, specialized in miniaturized electronics and signal treatment, has fully developed a powerful flashlight with LEDs to light up to 300 meters and giving visibility to coast guards, policemen, firemen, security agents, customs officers during operations on the field at night. The torch lamp is also equipped with a stroboscopic light used for dazzling the thieves or criminals. The SME is looking for distributors abroad specialized in security, rescue, defense and military sectors.



A French company has fully designed and developed a reliable, robust and small torch for dual-use purposes, both civilian and military applications.

It is a powerful portable light that can light up to 300 meters in the dark. Moreover it can dazzle if needed with its stroboscopic light.

Technical caracteristics:
-Dimensions: 30cm x 13cm
-Weight: 1,6kg
-Power: 75W - 5350 Lumens (LEDs)
-Autonomy: 1,5 hour
-Wavelength: 6500k (cold white)
-Operating Temperatures: -40°C / +70°C
-Waterproofing: IP67
-Charging: 12V cigarette lighter socket or 220V
-Stroboscopic flash effect: 17Hz

This in-hand portable lamp equipped with 7 LEDs, is really practical and useful for operations on the field at night. It reduces classical bulky equipment for operators (security, rescue, police, military, customs, firemen, penitentiary officer...).

This torch lamp is manufactured in France and already sold on the national territory. The French SME is now looking abroad for distributors of security, military, police and rescue equipment, willing to complete their range with such an effective product.

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The equipment is designed to give a maximum of light and with reduced size and weight. It is waterproof and portable, easily power chargeable, efficient and handable. It can light far away or dazzle with the stroboscopic light. It can be equipped with a micro-camera in order to record audio-video.

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Already on the market

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Well posisionned distributors with an international portofolio, experienced in selling equipment for security, penitentiary, military, police and rescue sectors, seeking to complete their range of products.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500