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Unique combination of near field communication & blockchain technologies for 100% effective counterfeit protection of products

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Data Protection, Storage, Cryptography, Security
Electronic Commerce, Electronic Payment & Signature
Internet Technologies/Communication (Wireless, Bluetooth)
Information processing & Systems, Workflow
Drug delivery and other equipment
Pharmaceuticals/fine chemicals
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A Swiss SME has developed a patent pending counterfeit protection system for a wide range of products such as pharmaceutical products and luxury items. A unique combination of blockchain and near field communication (NFC) technologies is used to record every single step within product lifecycles ensuring 100% counterfeit protection. The company is looking for a commercial agreement with technical assistance in any type of industry.



The Swiss company is developing systems to help businesses secure their supply chain and protect their products from counterfeit and plagiarism. In addition, companies can also track and manage their complete product life cycles easily through the application.
The approach is the provision of a most trusted database, supply chain management, and service platform for registering, locating and identifying lost, stolen and counterfeit assets.
The technology implemented is a counterfeit protection using near field communication (NFC) technology in combination with blockchain.
Compared to similar solutions and competitors, this blockchain solution is independent from any public blockchain and is therefore extremely flexible – in short: the company can tailor the solution precisely to the customers needs in every step – from the NFC implementation to the customer experience.
Once a transaction is recorded in a block, it cannot be changed anymore and thus guarantees the authenticity of a product.

The system is applicable in a broad range of products such as

- Consumer goods

- Luxury items,including those having metallic shields:

Because of metal interferes, NFC tag placed on metal cannot receive the very small electrical currents. The company found a solution that works with any product and can also be a percentile of the usual size of any NFC tag.

- Pharmaceuticals

In the case of a cooperation with large producers, pharmaceutical companies as one example, the following can be offered additionally, although this still needs development:

- Customization of the product and integration into the production chain, which offers a considerable cost advantage, up to 90% material cost savings.

- Counterfeit protection ensuring the originality of each single part used in production. Especially for the pharmaceutical market given the current investigation into the research of COVID-19 vaccines the SME product will prevent counterfeit attacks with cheap but life critical products.

The company is looking for a commercial agreement with technical assistance, such as prototype testing, defining conditions for mass production and/or implementation in partners production.

In any type of industry, in the beginning preferably in the area of pharmaceutical products.

Advantages & innovations

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The main characteristics of the innovation are: - Every single ingredient of a product will be uniquely identified and registered automatically - The smart contract approach from blockchain technology will be used to record every transaction within the production and supply chain. All executed transactions are encrypted and can’t be changed. - Additionally, companies may receive customer data quickly and easily for further use such as newsletter dispatch, special offers, operating manuals and more. - Possibility to clarify warranty claims more easily - Protection against copying/cloning of NFC tags - Proof of authenticity of the products - Application of NFC technology within products having metallic shields.

Stage of development

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Prototype available for demonstration

Partner sought

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Pharmaceutical companies, manufacturers of consumer products. The tasks to be performed by the partner sought are: testing the prototype and defining conditions for mass production or implementation in partners production

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SME 51-250