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Urban heavy rainfall sensor networks and forecasting

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A small German company offers an innovative system to forecast heavy rainfall even on a small spatial scale by a sensor network and artticial intelligence. Unique environmental and IT know-how are combined to provide more effective solutions.Partners are sought for commercial agreements with technical assistance.



Heavy rainfalls are a threat to urban areas. These events occur in a small temporal and on a small spatial scale. That is why these events are presently so difficult to predict and why they cause a significant damage.

A German university-spin off is specialized in AI-based software solutions for water- and environment related topics. Their experience includes development and inclusion of sensors, optimization of operational systems, predictive maintenance, forecasting models, monitoring systems etc.

This company has developed a now-casting forecast system that relies on innovative low-cost sensors in a very dense network and AI-based analysis and prediction. The sensor networks are easy to install, require little maintenance and offer a platform to integrate further sensors. An intelligent tracking process monitors the rainfall movement, so that the citizens concerned can be warned in time.

The basis for this modern analysis technology is digital data recording and transmission. The German company will give advice regarding what data have to be collected where. Their offer also includes a concept for data transmission, e.g. via LoRa-WAN, to the central computing unit. Innovative and dynamic models are set up to create reliable meteorological forecasts. Furthermore a connection between the forecast and the user's control systems can be realised.

Partners are sought for commercial agreements with technical assistance. Potential partners would be producers and distributors of related equipment who are interested in integrating the sensor networks and forecasting technology in their equipment with the advice and assistance of the German company. The public sector is a further target group.

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Present measuring networks of local rainfall with low temporal resolution are not able to predict small intensive rain cells well ahead of time. This is made possible with the new development presented here. Damage can be prevented. The company has a unique approach that combines in depth environmental know-how with IT expertise. This allows them to map more complex systems.

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Prototype available for demonstration

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The company offers commercial agreements with technical assistance Type of partners: Manufacturers of hardware, equipment, systems that can be combined with the rainfall sensor networks and forcasting technology. Municipalities, public sector interested in implementing the technology Role: The manufacturing partners will integrate the technology in their systems with the advice of the German company regarding data collection and transmission The public sector partners will implement the technology in local projects. The German company will adapt the system to the local requirements and contribute their expertise concerning the type of data and sensor network location, data transmission etc.